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APRIL 2019

In the past, I updated this site several times each week and did so throughout many years. I grew tired of the isolation, however, and tending to technical issues relating nearly entirely to bad actors engaging in bad actions to and about this site and me, specifically, as a person.

So I stopped updating the site and eventually set nearly all the many years’ worth of posts to “private.” Twitter took over what time I devoted to the internet, then a few other valued sites for reading, then a few more and then, a general daily reading lot which I continue to visit often: reading only, no commenting with exception of twitter. That will likely change with more time.

The bad actors who spoil the internet for everyone else continue; from the look of things, they’ve multiplied. I’d like to retaliate against the worst offenders but there’s no tool that swings at bad actors across bytes; what retaliation that does exist, electronically, is unknown to me or, at least, not within my skills. Notice I wrote, “I’d like to…” not that I intend to do so even if I did have the ability.

Thus, off and on, hours here, hours there, the last two weeks have been devoted to fixing a variety of issues involving the internet, my access to it, even my computing hardware.

However, one thing I also did when I set nearly all of this site’s past-posts to private was wave bye to all the bots and huge harvesters, ranking systems, the whole lot of it, where this site is concerned. This morning, when I took a look at results from a basic search of my domain and site name — “” — I found negative rankings and reprimanding remarks about the sad state of things in the eyes of these systems where this site is concerned. The internet is a bog. But a necessary bog, though still a bog. I KNOW the site’s been fallow for a long time now, I KNOW I’ve let site-aspects literally ‘just go’ for a long time; meanwhile, it’s a sad state of things, it’s reality, to read that big ole’ ranking systems have reprimanded me/the site while I’ve been reading elsewhere.

Returning to the site administration: I maintain a very good webhost and for that, I am grateful: is their name should any reader care to look into their abilities.

I will reapproach this site. It’s time to freshen things up and continue on, let the boggy mist go be mist, it’s always going to mist and bog and that’s the downside of owning and maintaining a website, even when it’s had a few years napping but now awake again, though I will keep most of the past-posts cribbed. At least, for now.

ADDING (04/21/19)

Interesting to me is how these “rating organizations” (they appear self-appointed) assume their perspectives of a site (this one, per earlier in this post) are the sum-total of evaluation of a site. Who asked them what their opinion/s are? Who appointed them the source of what is and what isn’t to be as to any site?

These are rhetorical questions, clearly, but it’s annoying that these “rating orgs” fail (or refuse) to recognize that sites set their parameters themselves: it was by intention that my site (you are here) went fallow for several years — I even wrote on this site years ago that my intention was to let it go silent and so I kept to that intention and the site did, indeed, go silent.

These “rating orgs,” instead, rather than recognize (or just mind their own business, stay silent as to this site) that the site’s intention was to remain silent for unlimited/unstated period of time/use, rather than acknowledge this, the “rating orgs” lobbed negative things about the site as to search results: BECAUSE THE SITE WAS SILENT, not due to content, good or bad, offensive or not (nothing here fits any of that), but because the site was literally not being updated. That is the height of arrogance (and destructiveness) by those “rating orgs” and most readers will easily recognize just who is meant by “rating organizations” as to site value, site recognition, site evaluation, in their opinion.

As to MY opinion (my site, my rules, I pay for the maintenance of it, the registration of the domain, the server status, all of it), as to MY opinion, my site (you are here) has been almost-just-fine hibernating away in solitude for the past few years, it’s what I wanted and what I put into place. The site doesn’t exist to pleasure the “rating organizations” nor seeks their ratings at all.

This development pushes into the realm of censorship: censored the site by way of placing negative evaluations (“opinions”) in search results, it’s just baseless harassment. Can’t locate any objectionable content, so, one move from that, offer up negative opinions about a site, harmless as it is, going fallow for about two years. It’s censorship by a back-of-the-knees bite, that’s what it is, placing negative opinions in search results when my domain/this site is searched, and all because I let the site go fallow by intention for a few years yet maintained hosting and domain registration.

C O M M E N T S : now closed