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Originally Published February 07, 2013

Having a friend who is in a Catholic religious order proves rewarding in more ways than one but it’s especially great to receive newsletters from such a friend, which I do.

The latest newsy-email I received inspired me and quite dramatically; I feel a need both personally and publicly — privately and professionally, private issues and Ye Olde Political ones — to orient perspectives and plans toward the future with a new sense of adventure.

I’ve also discovered the newest perspectives I want to base my next paintings on, which is a unique event for me because the concepts I explore on canvas with paint only emerge as themes that affect all the paintings done in the same period of time, and, I only develope these concepts, from what my history tells me about this process, every ten to twenty years or so, meaning, they are rare and refined and represent perspectives under exploration by me and once done, I tend to “go out to pasture” for years and don’t reapproach the paints and canvas until there’s a new reason to explore the media. Now there’s a new reason.

Involved in that, this latest emailed newsletter from my friend, my religious friend. It quite inspired me, and it follows here:

“Give up the familiar: Leave yourself and face the unknown.”

Mother Xavier Ross – Foundress, Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth

“Look forward to the good there is yet to be.”

1. Identify your sanctuary in transition – a shelter for tranquility, peace, prayer, memories.

2. Re-define your mission – find yourself. Who am I now? Identify the pieces of your puzzle; decide what parts of the puzzle you want to keep; what are my gifts now, what is important to me? Am I most comfortable around adults, children, or by myself?

3. Be gentle with yourself; “Lord, I have done the best I can with the resources that I have.” Give your worries to God so you can sleep; our resources aren’t the same now — they may get better; don’t torture yourself with regrets, fear or depression, it saps energy.

4. Love equals time, one of our best resources; letters, phone calls, e-mails spell love.

5. All our lives are about transition – change:

“Go confidently in the direction of your future — GOD is there!”


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