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Published From 2003 to 2016

All my former published posts on this site have now been relegated to an archive. There were seventy-three pages of posts at twenty-per-page or under, monthly, for each of those years.

Many of those posts continue with credible insights (example, one about ‘Al Franken Freaking Out’ was from 2005 and several about Nancy Pelosi’s tyranny by tantrum among those past thirteen years), while many more were too zany to make a serious presentation about my perspectives.

Twitter has overtaken blogging in the recent years for me and, clearly, from the looks of twitter, for many others. Thus, this site has gone unused for the past few years and the extent of my both seriously appropriate and zany posts, on current read, make me wonder why I’ve left them accessible to the public (until today).

I’ve left the STAR WARS Logo pages “up” because they continue to be searched-for, found and read by those interested.

Meanwhile, I hope this recent Christmas was merry for most and that this coming New Year will be enjoyed safely, warmly and well. 2018, I hope (and hope for all) will bring good, constructive, better things for mankind than the now-expiring 2017 did as also those years past (posts and otherwise) that have now become archive.

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