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On this, I agree with Donald Trump:

“The fact is, Anthony Weiner is a bad guy, he’s a psycho…

“He lied. He cheated. He was as bad as I’ve ever seen…he’s a liar. He should never, ever be allowed to run for public office again.

“What he’s done is incredible and what he’s done to his family is truly a shame. The fact is, one thing good came out of Anthony’s mess: I’ll never have to give him campaign contributions and that’s really wonderful.

Footnote: when  this post was originally published, there was a video available on YouTube and it was linked in this post; the link’s been removed on this republishing of the post (May 09, 2018) because YouTube’s censored and removed the video.

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  1. Kini says:

    Megalomaniac’s both! Watching Gloria Allred describing the package tonight was over the top!

    1. -S- says:

      For someone who once, a long, long time ago, was taken seriously, Gloria Allred has become something like the Superlawyer to the Flotsam. She shows up beside the strangest clients of late and I don’t see her point in following this media-exposure route that then denigrates her credibility as a professional. I guess, lawyer-ease, “someone has to do it”.

      About Weiner — he is a megalomaniac.