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Site’s UP Again

Someone who tried to access this site last evening sent me a tweet letting me know the Site was DOWN. Oops, I’d neglected to renew my domain ( First time for everything.

Domain is again active and you are here (Site’s UP again). Sorry for my oversite.

APRIL 2019

In the past, I updated this site several times each week and did so throughout many years. I grew tired of the isolation, however, and tending to technical issues relating nearly entirely to bad actors engaging in bad actions to and about this site and me, specifically, as a person.

So I stopped updating the site and eventually set nearly all the many years’ worth of posts to “private.” Twitter took over what time I devoted to the internet, then a few other valued sites for reading, then a few more and then, a general daily reading lot which I continue to visit often: reading only, no commenting with exception of twitter. That will likely change with more time.

The bad actors who spoil the internet for everyone else continue; from the look of things, they’ve multiplied. I’d like to retaliate against the worst offenders but there’s no tool that swings at bad actors across bytes; what retaliation that does exist, electronically, is unknown to me or, at least, not within my skills. Notice I wrote, “I’d like to…” not that I intend to do so even if I did have the ability.

Thus, off and on, hours here, hours there, the last two weeks have been devoted to fixing a variety of issues involving the internet, my access to it, even my computing hardware.

However, one thing I also did when I set nearly all of this site’s past-posts to private was wave bye to all the bots and huge harvesters, ranking systems, the whole lot of it, where this site is concerned. This morning, when I took a look at results from a basic search of my domain and site name — “” — I found negative rankings and reprimanding remarks about the sad state of things in the eyes of these systems where this site is concerned. The internet is a bog. But a necessary bog, though still a bog. I KNOW the site’s been fallow for a long time now, I KNOW I’ve let site-aspects literally ‘just go’ for a long time; meanwhile, it’s a sad state of things, it’s reality, to read that big ole’ ranking systems have reprimanded me/the site while I’ve been reading elsewhere.

Returning to the site administration: I maintain a very good webhost and for that, I am grateful: is their name should any reader care to look into their abilities.

I will reapproach this site. It’s time to freshen things up and continue on, let the boggy mist go be mist, it’s always going to mist and bog and that’s the downside of owning and maintaining a website, even when it’s had a few years napping but now awake again, though I will keep most of the past-posts cribbed. At least, for now.

ADDING (04/21/19)

Interesting to me is how these “rating organizations” (they appear self-appointed) assume their perspectives of a site (this one, per earlier in this post) are the sum-total of evaluation of a site. Who asked them what their opinion/s are? Who appointed them the source of what is and what isn’t to be as to any site?

These are rhetorical questions, clearly, but it’s annoying that these “rating orgs” fail (or refuse) to recognize that sites set their parameters themselves: it was by intention that my site (you are here) went fallow for several years — I even wrote on this site years ago that my intention was to let it go silent and so I kept to that intention and the site did, indeed, go silent.

These “rating orgs,” instead, rather than recognize (or just mind their own business, stay silent as to this site) that the site’s intention was to remain silent for unlimited/unstated period of time/use, rather than acknowledge this, the “rating orgs” lobbed negative things about the site as to search results: BECAUSE THE SITE WAS SILENT, not due to content, good or bad, offensive or not (nothing here fits any of that), but because the site was literally not being updated. That is the height of arrogance (and destructiveness) by those “rating orgs” and most readers will easily recognize just who is meant by “rating organizations” as to site value, site recognition, site evaluation, in their opinion.

As to MY opinion (my site, my rules, I pay for the maintenance of it, the registration of the domain, the server status, all of it), as to MY opinion, my site (you are here) has been almost-just-fine hibernating away in solitude for the past few years, it’s what I wanted and what I put into place. The site doesn’t exist to pleasure the “rating organizations” nor seeks their ratings at all.

This development pushes into the realm of censorship: censored the site by way of placing negative evaluations (“opinions”) in search results, it’s just baseless harassment. Can’t locate any objectionable content, so, one move from that, offer up negative opinions about a site, harmless as it is, going fallow for about two years. It’s censorship by a back-of-the-knees bite, that’s what it is, placing negative opinions in search results when my domain/this site is searched, and all because I let the site go fallow by intention for a few years yet maintained hosting and domain registration.



Originally Published February 07, 2013

Having a friend who is in a Catholic religious order proves rewarding in more ways than one but it’s especially great to receive newsletters from such a friend, which I do.

The latest newsy-email I received inspired me and quite dramatically; I feel a need both personally and publicly — privately and professionally, private issues and Ye Olde Political ones — to orient perspectives and plans toward the future with a new sense of adventure.

I’ve also discovered the newest perspectives I want to base my next paintings on, which is a unique event for me because the concepts I explore on canvas with paint only emerge as themes that affect all the paintings done in the same period of time, and, I only develope these concepts, from what my history tells me about this process, every ten to twenty years or so, meaning, they are rare and refined and represent perspectives under exploration by me and once done, I tend to “go out to pasture” for years and don’t reapproach the paints and canvas until there’s a new reason to explore the media. Now there’s a new reason.

Involved in that, this latest emailed newsletter from my friend, my religious friend. It quite inspired me, and it follows here:

“Give up the familiar: Leave yourself and face the unknown.”

Mother Xavier Ross – Foundress, Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth

“Look forward to the good there is yet to be.”

1. Identify your sanctuary in transition – a shelter for tranquility, peace, prayer, memories.

2. Re-define your mission – find yourself. Who am I now? Identify the pieces of your puzzle; decide what parts of the puzzle you want to keep; what are my gifts now, what is important to me? Am I most comfortable around adults, children, or by myself?

3. Be gentle with yourself; “Lord, I have done the best I can with the resources that I have.” Give your worries to God so you can sleep; our resources aren’t the same now — they may get better; don’t torture yourself with regrets, fear or depression, it saps energy.

4. Love equals time, one of our best resources; letters, phone calls, e-mails spell love.

5. All our lives are about transition – change:

“Go confidently in the direction of your future — GOD is there!”



Repeat that title three times quickly.

There are thousands of posts on this site spanning more than a decade, which are now archived. Some of these, I am republishing.

Published From 2003 to 2016

All my former published posts on this site have now been relegated to an archive. There were seventy-three pages of posts at twenty-per-page or under, monthly, for each of those years.

Many of those posts continue with credible insights (example, one about ‘Al Franken Freaking Out’ was from 2005 and several about Nancy Pelosi’s tyranny by tantrum among those past thirteen years), while many more were too zany to make a serious presentation about my perspectives.

Twitter has overtaken blogging in the recent years for me and, clearly, from the looks of twitter, for many others. Thus, this site has gone unused for the past few years and the extent of my both seriously appropriate and zany posts, on current read, make me wonder why I’ve left them accessible to the public (until today).

I’ve left the STAR WARS Logo pages “up” because they continue to be searched-for, found and read by those interested.

Meanwhile, I hope this recent Christmas was merry for most and that this coming New Year will be enjoyed safely, warmly and well. 2018, I hope (and hope for all) will bring good, constructive, better things for mankind than the now-expiring 2017 did as also those years past (posts and otherwise) that have now become archive.


Although the Left and especially Leftmedia utterly missed the point of what actor, director and producer Clint Eastwood’s performance was all about when he appeared on stage at the Republican National Convention last week — he showed up in a cheap, ill-fitted suit, his hair a mess, mumbling and stumbling while speaking at or to an empty chair beside him onstage (it was a re-enactment of a Jimmy Stewart routine but in present time, the empty chair as Eastwood performed this was the absent President Obama with chair in his absence), all of which spawned a new term: “Eastwooding”.

Which in turn spawned the Empty Chair Day today to commemorate, illustrate and commentate upon the situation as Eastwood presented it.

Later Update: Eastwood shares details about his speaking experience at the GOP 2012 convention. Among those details, there is this:

“President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” Eastwood told The Pine Cone this week. “Romney and Ryan would do a much better job running the country, and that’s what everybody needs to know. I may have irritated a lot of the lefties, but I was aiming for people in the middle.”

…Eastwood said people, including reporters, who were shocked by his remarks “are obviously on the left,” and he maintained that, while many Americans didn’t like the way he handled his convention appearance, millions more have something else on their minds.

“A lot of people are realizing they had the wool pulled over their eyes by Obama,” Eastwood said.

A few more from me:

Some links from among so many more of today’s images:

On Twitter, ‘Empty Chair Day’ Slams DNC
– by Liz Heron, September 03, 2012, Wall Street Journal

– by Michael Patrick Leahy, September 03, 2012 at

#EmptyChairDay hashtag on twitter

Why Clint Eastwood’s speech worked
– by Jim Huffman, September 01, 2012, The Daily Caller


On this, I agree with Donald Trump:

“The fact is, Anthony Weiner is a bad guy, he’s a psycho…

“He lied. He cheated. He was as bad as I’ve ever seen…he’s a liar. He should never, ever be allowed to run for public office again.

“What he’s done is incredible and what he’s done to his family is truly a shame. The fact is, one thing good came out of Anthony’s mess: I’ll never have to give him campaign contributions and that’s really wonderful.

Footnote: when  this post was originally published, there was a video available on YouTube and it was linked in this post; the link’s been removed on this republishing of the post (May 09, 2018) because YouTube’s censored and removed the video.



Edit, March 16, 2018: Another older post of mine I’m republishing. Because it’s still exceptionally relevant:

Here we go again: you’d think human beings would *get it* once and for all that following Loud Duds (though they may be pretty and speak with a booming voice) over a cliff amounts to self-destruction.

Millions of Americans (so it was reported – at this point, I, honestly, have little confidence that anything I’ve read from the Leftwing Media over the last decade has been credible) voted for Barack Obama; in my online experience with the last Presidential election (McCain [R] vs. Obama [D]), the only thing going for Obama was emotional hysteria on the Left and the inability by many on the Right to generate much confidence in a McCain Presidency (so the hysteria — and vanity — on the Left trumped the reason — and hesitation — on the Right).

I’m not a newly-interested voter, paying attention for the first time (2008 or now) to Presidential elections (among other things political); but, last Presidential election was unique from my previous experiences because there were so many hysterical Leftwing promotions of Obama and harassment of the Right based on so little as figurehead-fervor that could not and did not substantiate the reality that was eeking-out about their object of lust (Barack Obama). In fact, who he is was there to be recognized for any of us who were not affected by that Leftwing hysteria and it was, indeed, recognized (by me, by others I’ve heard from) as the information about an all-round exceptionally unreliable if not socio-politically intentionally destructive individual.

When the man was examined more closely than the hyperbole, the man came up so short if not contradictory to the hyperbole as to be promising of a lethal injection of poison into our nation by sheer volume of dishonesty or misrepresentation, but, that didn’t matter to the hysteria and the hysterical who just had to have the man in the White House and today we see the reasons why: he appealed to those in our society who — whether intentional in some cases (Ayers, etc.) or irresponsible to a point of being destructive to themselves and others (how I’d describe most who are enthralled with Socialism and who found Obama most appealing) — liked the idea of a destroyed U.S.A., they found Obama’s boasts about “change” appealing because it contained the vow of destruction of who and what the U.S.A. is.

And Obama in office has continued on in that direction and those who voted for him continue on in dank belief that his complaints about “the status quo” don’t equate with deconstruction of a nation. Obama represents a disease process being injected into our nation and the fears some of us had in those regards during the last election are now proven substantially well-placed since he’s taken the Presidency, along with the dreadful helpers he has in the Democrat Congressional majority.

About that last election (2008), McCain did not help matters, what with his embarrassment if not chastisements about Conservatives, thus wrecking any lingering momentum the Right maintained by November 2008, and depleting the energy and enthusiasm that his V.P. candidate, Sarah Palin, brought to the GOP ticket (and began a possible save of the election, to no avail, unfortunately and again, it’s McCain’s fault for that).

So today here we are: poison’s been injected into the nation (the deed is already done) and now we’re trying to apply the anti-venom to the paralysis if not mortality that will ensue should no anti-venom be effective: the Obama “Health Care” Monstrosity, the wrecking of the nation under ruse by Obama as “historical” — to which those followers of his who have not yet come to their senses — applaud. I guess the idea of being “historical” (another theatrical method, boombah for the big move — it’s “historical, rawr” but refusing examination of the acts associated with that) is another one of those poison injections that they think will correct their wrinkles.

“It’s historical,” and the audience goes “rawr.” Fidel Castro called his implosion of Cuba “historical” and deemed any opposition to be “worms” and “parasites” yet Castro was, indeed, the actual parasite and history has abundantly proven him to be so. I have no doubts that if or when history will eventually catch-up in exposing Barack Obama and today’s Democratic Congressional majority, that they will, indeed, be written-up as sucking monsters of nearly all that is (or was) lively born of our Republic.

Why — oh, why — are just enough members of human populations so easily taken away by flashy things as to create ongoing liabilities by their irresponsibility for the rest of us? What IS it about fervor from a stage that sends just enough human beings into a frenzy as to pose liabilities for the rest of us? Where do their intellects actually go when the shiny object before them whirls and twirls even when it contains bad plans, unreliable promises, bad objectives? Get a loaf of bread, lose your life? Is that really a bargain?

Never witnessed this before in all my years, just never witnessed such threats of life and limb and ability to survive before. I’ve seen a great deal of history in my lifetime and most of it, “live” right there before me:

I watched “live” as our nation declared an imminent nuclear war and do, indeed, recall the dreadful reality of walking alone home from grade school with the understanding that this awful thing called fallout would soon ruin me and most everyone else — I cried at the realization that all the birds would perish, no shelters for them — but where to go, there was no where…so I walked home from school and watched television, alone, at home, a child anticipating doom to come soon…

I was a young child present a few seats away from an arriving then-President Kennedy at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, the man having flown in by helicopter on the fifty-yard line just there in front of me (my dad, an Army Chaplain at that time who, by that time, had already completed a good deal of combat duty), was assigned some super-secret security orders, and thus, I was there with him, my brother and sister while he quickly left us on the stands inorder to perform his duties, unexplained to us except for being told, “gotta’ to to work now,” during that Presidential visit…

And I watched “live” as former President Kennedy perished followed by the many, many weeks of grim, dark and dreadful times, our nation, thoroughly grief-struck; I watched “live” as Oswald was attacked, and, later, I watched “live” as his brother, Robert Kennedy, perished, too. I remember the President Johnson address viewed “live” from the D.C. airport landing strip as clear as a bell, his depression clearly visible, his weariness, such despair…

I watched “live” as men walked on the moon. Space ventures seem nearly ordinary today with so much development of missions and technology since the 1960’s and 1970’s, but at that time, at the first human moon landing, the “live” broadcast of the event as it occurred, it was quite truly remarkable…

I watched “live” (though replays hours later) of the Kent State National Guard firings on protesters…

And I watched “live” as former President Nixon resigned and took that helicopter lift-off from the White House lawn, while earlier, just before that, Nixon’s farewell speech “live” while at work…

I was certainly “live” while sitting in an office building sealed-off by the FBI when Patty Hearst was on the lamb (two fellow employees — writers at the publication where I worked who were writing the story — were communicating with her and captors, so all the rest of us surrendered our liberties for about 48-hours until the crises — Hearst and captors — was contained: phone lines all but the writers’ off, elevator locked, no entries, no exits, meals delivered after careful screening of their contents and once the arrests were made of the culprits, life and work returned to “normal” for that work environment, which on a good day was hardly normal by most standards…

And from a safe, secure home in the Colorado Rockies, I watched “live” as Chicago police confronted rioting Communists (“SDS”) during the Democratic National Convention…

And I saw “live” the loss of life in Vietnam during the daily evening news — the nightly news for years was “live” footage of the Vietnam War…

And I watched “live” as the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded and I had a terrible intuition on it’s lift-off that such was sure to occur (can’t explain my intuitions but such has happened on many an impending disasterous occasion in my lifetime, can’t explain it)…

So I’ve seen a lot of history in my years but 190wde_2013-EndOfAnErrorI’ve never seen or witnessed a mass disaster such as Barack Obama and the Pelosi/Democrat Monster that is continuing to occur as I write this.

These shall not pass. If my history proves anything, it is that the man, Barack Obama, waving the threats as he jabs his finger at this nation — and seeks the surrender of reason by most — is up to no good. Historical, yes, but very, very bad history. Filled with poison. Drink it at your peril, there might not be an effective antidote.


From the TimesOnline, U.K., this tenderly misleadingly-worded article:

Barack Obama sets up internet ‘war room’ to fight slurs – Internet ‘war room’ will rebuff false rumours”

This quote (emphasis added for purposes of discussion, here):

…The “war room” comes as the Obama campaign prepares a series of biographical speeches, television advertisements and campaign appearances to tell his life story, an attempt to make voters more familiar with him. Despite his long nomination fight against Mrs Clinton, his campaign aides concede that millions of Americans still feel that they do not really know him.

Mr Obama’s Kenyan father, who left the family when he was 2, was a Muslim, but not particularly religious. The Illinois senator lived in Indonesia from the age of 6 until 10 with his white, American mother and Indonesian stepfather, who was a Muslim.

Mr Obama has never been a Muslim, or worshiped at a mosque. He moved from being agnostic to finding Christ in his 20s, with the help of his former Chicago pastor: the Rev Jeremiah Wright, a figure whose incendiary sermons now haunt his candidacy and has increased suspicions among some voters about his patriotism.

A poll in mid-March found that 13 per cent of Americans think that Mr Obama is a Muslim — a 5 per cent increase since December 2007. Another found that 23 per cent of Democrats who hold negative views of him believe that he is a Muslim. The same survey showed that 61 per cent of voters view him as patriotic, compared with 76 per cent for Mrs Clinton and 90 per cent for Mr McCain.

Barack Obama attended a Muslim school in his youth. By sheer fact that his father — whether enthusiastically Muslim or not, still Muslim — was Muslim, renders his son, also, a Muslim in the perspective of Islam.

The operative, significant aspect here — Obama wants the Presidency of the U.S.A., he either knows these primary points or he’s lying about being impervious to them (and in that, by calling others who raise these points, liars) — is that he is a Muslim in the fullest sense of the theology of Islam. Thus, he’s Muslim to a great many people on the globe and it’s not complicated to understand how that conclusion is made.

Moreover, Barack Obama’s intentional selection of Jeremiah Wright to “learn” “Christianity” from is telling because what he’s been indoctrinated with is a false message that does it’s most concerted to defame Christ, Christianity and Judeo-Christian theology. If Barack was “agnostic” (so he’s said to claim in this article) “before” he exposed himself for twenty-plus years to Wright’s antithesis messaging, he certainly remains unredeemed if not continually blasphemous in claiming he’s “Christian,” as Wright does, also.

It’s not the greater humanity who is “lying” about Barack Obama and his beliefs (and probable intents as also motivations, based upon, if anything at all, his proven associations and their identified intents, motivations and beliefs, most of which are contrary to Christianity, Judeo-Christian theology and the United States as a place of “free men” functioning in a democracy), it’s not the observations of Obama that are somehow false or “unfair,” it’s not individuals who question what Obama is actually about — beyond the hype and showmanship — but what Obama is actually about that is the issue.

That he needs to silence individual opinion (nationwide or globally, because the internet on which he’s seeking to suppress opinion carries global opinion, is not limited to opinion by and from only U.S. residents, much less citizens and voters), calls into question what Obama is about, and grants greater credibility to those who have raised these issues about him: who is he, what are his (actual) beliefs, what theology influences him, what are this man’s political intents, what are his morals, his beliefs, who is the guy?

We can easily, readily view stage presentations and affable, mostly celebrity, performances from and by Obama. That tells us little other than he’s a somewhat talented performer with a booming enough voice that many people stop and listen to what he’s saying. The same was said about Adolf Hitler. But, many people today realize, as they did about Adolf, that Barack isn’t saying much they can support but he sure does speak well: the best, then, so far, that can be said about Barack Obama is that he’s a talented performer, and most of us by now know what Adolf’s grand performances amounted to.

Based upon what I’ve read and heard on the internet and in media from those enthusiastic about Barack Obama, they find him appealing not because they are Christians or believe in Judeo-Christian theology, but, rather, they deem Obama appealing because he does not challenge anyone from a Judeo-Christian theological perspective, that he avoids doing so. That same persona renders many people “popular” in a celebrity sense, but it does prove, if anything, that they are messaging an antithesis. Antithesis is appealing to some, but it does not represent Christianity and a Christian, and I refer to a Christian because that’s the pretense Obama attempts to apply to himself, yet is in the opposing process of the antithesis of that.

Same can be readily said about Jeremiah Wright, the misguided, lost “Rev. Pfleger” — both of whom represent as “good works” while defaming the body of Christ, just as candy offered to the vulnerable is the vehicle of leading them astray — and several other if not all the “advisors” Obama claims he has, what his influences, past and present actually are. They’re political influences and associations, they’re not “Christian” or those of Christianity.

Whatever Obama’s “religion” is, I’d say it’s somewhere around persistent Marxist-Political Operative. That he’s now having to scope the internet to attempt to suppress opinions is an indication that he’s not functioning with faith, hope and good intentions for the hopes and wishes of the “free man.”

Perhaps what Obama is actually busy about is establishing the Global Church of Creepy.

Dot-Red HamNation: Obama On Your Shoulder

Dot-RedCan a Catholic Be for Obama?

Pope Benedict XVI, in a speech to European politicians in 2006, offered some instruction for the Catholic conscience: “As far as the Catholic Church is concerned, the principal focus of her interventions in the public arena is the protection and promotion of the dignity of the person, and she is thereby consciously drawing particular attention to principles which are not negotiable. Among these the following emerge clearly today: the protection of life in all its stages… recognition and promotion of the natural structure of the family… and the protection of the rights of parents to educate their children.”

Christian theology as it is identified by the Catholic Church advises against voting Catholics to support pro-abortion candidates and more, and, the Democratic Party is an active proponent by party platform alone of abortion on demand — including Obama and his dubious religious views, influences and associations but not limited to Obama, but extending and applying to all Democrats, by sheer party association (party association represents “membership” in that party platform — shared, accepted positions). Persons presenting as “Catholic” and yet involved in advocating for very primary principles that defy Christian theology as it is identified by the Catholic Church are the misleaders if not liars among our humanity.

Today, some of these can be seen in all walks of life and associated with just about all denominations who use the Christian, Jewish and Muslim theologies (and, several others) for and as socio-political tools, yet who defame if not utterly denigrate the theologies they assume to associate with.

Obama’s not going to silence opinions nor beliefs, regardless of how feverishly and elaborately he and his usefully misled work to try to do so.

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Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children

The condition of autism that occurs in children in all it’s subtle variations is an issue near and dear to my heart, mind and spirit.

This week’s “Strengthen the Good” network campaign, the second in an ongoing series of charity promotions and helps in broadening the awareness about specific charities and causes, is the Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children.

Brent Woodall perished in the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers on September 11, 2001. His wife, Tracy Woodall, who was five weeks pregnant at that time, created the foundation as a way of dealing with her grief and extending Brent Woodall’s legacy. The Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children is a charity providing much helps to children with autism and their families. Please read the Mission of the Foundation on the Foundation’s website. Contacts for donations, volunteer opportunities, and information about events and other helps can be found on the Foundation’s website, also.

Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children
106 Denton Tap Road
STE 210-PMB 333
Coppell, TX 75019