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December 18, 2015:


Suzy Rice photographed by Max Aguilera-Hellweg, Los Angeles 1979

Suzy Rice photographed by Max Aguilera-Hellweg, Los Angeles 1979

My other site,, was deleted at my request of my host after it was marred and infected by reckless intruders. That domain now redirects to this domain so there are no longer any depictions of my paintings and murals, nor written contents, on that since-removed alternate site.

About me, I am a conservative individual, a Christian, Catholic and tend not to affiliate with trendy-things, appeals nor behaviors because I prefer individual thought and insights.

THIS SITE, however (you are here), contains the last several years of my opinion and perspective (and much of the image files for my graphic work).  Since this site began publishing over a decade ago, there are older entries that illustrate my process of maturation of views and perspectives and some of which contain broken links or missing image files — my current host,, is and has been a reliable and good one for over a decade but the site originally attempted hosting at a few locations, since abandoned, with a transit between publishing platforms, all of which resulted in the very early content being republished several times and some links broken. I’ve repaired such as I find such.

A quick-sketch self-portrait drawn with oil pastels.

A quick-sketch self-portrait drawn with oil pastels.

There will eventually be dedicated pages on this site that depict some of my paintings. In the interim, this is a quick-sketch self-portrait drawn with oil pastels: the odd white-line effect was just me enjoying the use of the pastels while listening to music. The sketch is moreorless a ‘doodle’ drawn in the mid-1980’s in all of about ten minutes while engaged in other things; it wasn’t intended to be a finished work. However, it captures a lot about me that a more studied work might not. 30wde_sitebreaker-dwn3



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