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CLEANED UP AND/OR DELETED LINKS, and, the twitter thing

Some of the broken-links on this site have been either deleted or corrected — most, deleted, because as with me and this site, many links included ten-to-two years ago now relate to inactive sites.

And a few others, now deleted, took readers to places I no longer enjoy, support or want to feature on this site.

The site Categories and Tags will receive a house-cleaning soon, too — many to delete, new ones to create.

Use of this site is not discontinued but only still on-hold: inactive for now. Closer to the November 2016 election, the site will reactivate.

Also, I’ve been busy on for years now and their shorter-statement/interactive process is more appealing to posting here. Now that twitter has taken a weird turn with it’s establishment of a “Council” to monitor-and-ban others (a group comprised of very Leftwing users who are punitive toward free-speech that’s not Leftwing), many users are staying away if not abandoning it’s use.  For now, I am still active there.

Here’s a link about that twitter “Council” issue, from Breitbart::

Twitter’s Restraint of Conservative Speech Is Why It Is Failing

C O M M E N T S : now closed