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This site has been active for over ten years — a few entries from among the older site contents since removed after insights changed but most of the site contents remain as-is despite changes in this writer’s perspectives — but as of this time, I need to continue the break I’ve taken from updating since intermittent posting throughout last year.

I will, certainly, again update this site once I reorient to writing commentary longer than what twitter makes possible in it’s one-hundred-plus-word entries. However, as of today, I don’t have any idea when the updating of this site will resume, only a promise that it will resume at some near-future time, so I estimate.

As expressed in the past, readers are quite appreciated by me so I hope that this fallow time of this site’s contents will not discourage readers from checking back in, say, a month or so, by which time I should make new content available. The site isn’t abandoned nor forgotten, I am just of the opinion that when one has too much on one’s mind — in this case, that refers to me — it’s best to be succinct about a parsed aspect of all that before taking to the internet and writing about a big combination of issues.

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  1. Jerry Beavan says:

    Suzy — I know exactly where you are coming from. For the past 10 years I published a weekly news/commentary (oriented just about exactly as your own position). For a combinaton of financial and physical reasons, I, too,
    decided to take some time off. (I’m now 94.) Now, however I have a new
    approach in mind to meet the challenges thrown before us by Mr. Obama and his administration. I hope to reveal it in the next few days. And I’ll keep checking on when we may find someting more from you. Every blessing. Jerry Beavan

    1. says:

      Thanks, Jerry, for your kind comments. And best wishes for your ongoing work. I find that using twitter lately provides me with opportunity to opine and that the time required and necessary to thoughtful, long opinions written here is just not handy recently, but I’ll again return to that, count on it.