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Christmas-Palm Beauty is in the eye of the beholder — and Christmas merriment is in the heart of the merry. The times are challenging for many of us yet this day assures us that the tough stuff is passing and there’s much more good “up there” with faith. Lights on a tree are a good illustration of God’s promises as with His love before those promises are fulfilled.

But I am not naive: suffering, pain, anger, betrayal, loneliness, poverty, illness…all these exist at this time for many on this Christmas as they do all the years-long, past and present. It’s a challenge of climbing higher than these depressing conditions and experiences: faith in a God who loves and provides can be a task when physical conditions prove otherwise. For some of us, though, despite such experiences, God’s love leads — faith, like those lights in a tree, shines on by some intractable and innate means and I call that miraculous.

Santa Claus came to town and he laughed because he knew he was mere messenger of very wonderful things already delivered and unsinkable: the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s gift that decided the match already and it was the good that won and still wins.

All I know is that God provides. Sometimes He says ‘no’ but He never ignores a faithful prayer and a good intention. But sometimes He says ‘yes’ and it’s usually through other people or ourselves when we participate in His generosity. And generosity isn’t defined by only the material, though, of course, material generosity is the most obvious and assisting in the tough times of others.


A few stories about acts of charity — people acting on God’s behalf among us:

Family Promise delivers on hope, housing

– by Theresa Walker, Orange County Register, December 24, 2012

Success Stories
GoFundMe crowdfunding websites have raised millions of dollars for personal causes & life events.
– from site, “”

Lay-away Angels Pay Off Orders and Pay It Forward
– by Judy Keen, USA Today, December 20, 2012

…just a few stories among many. Christmas is a special time to rejoice by engaging in charity and increased charity, but giving happens all year ’round by some and they should always be praised for their charity in our ongoing prayers — they certainly are in mine.

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