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No kidding.

On 09/12/12, me and, likely, an estimated majority of Americans concluded that the day before that — 09/11/12 — attack on the U.S. Libyan Embassy in Benghazi was an act of terrorism. The grim and glaring “coincidences” of dates, locations, targets and behaviors was what I’d call a big clue resembling an iron hammer to one’s sleeping head: hard to miss that it hurt and that it wasn’t the gesture of a “random gang” but of someone too close to you who shouldn’t be. That the Muslim Brotherhood and other marauding “Islamacists” were responsible was, too, recognition that the someone too close with the destructive hammer was quite likely the only other person in the room ‘with you’ — Libya, Benghazi, a Muslim populated location functioning with keen influence by “sects” that are violent and violent especially against and about the U.S.A., our employees and agents of our government such as was found at the embassy attacked on 09/11/12.

And the date: 09/11/12. Hardly a coincidence that it was the eleven-year anniversay of the 09/11/01 destructive hammering of the U.S. by “sects” also Muslim. Nine-Eleven, twin towers, “II”…just random coincidences, according to Big Dancer Obama.

It was just not a big stretch to intuitively understand that the Benghazi issue was one of another rampaging, destructive group of persons with relationship to the Nation of Islam.

But then came the spattering of spit from the Obama Administration — to paraphrase: “it’s being investigated, too soon to know, yes, acts of terrorism are bad but we don’t know what this was, can’t speak until after it’s fully investigated, it’s being investigated, I don’t know, it was (name an agency here or there or everywhere) responsible, we didn’t know, we weren’t asked, we…uhhh…”

The “attack” on Benghazi was offensive enough on issue alone but then the news eeked out — only FOX News seems to have had courage enough to let this be known because the other networks were busy trying to ignore the issue altogether — the news eeked out that U.S. citizens were bludgeoned and murdered and worse, that two Navy SEALS had gone to the Embassy under attack and tried to save the personnel being attacked and that over a seven-hour-period-of-armed-defense-under-fire, those two SEALS were killed by the attackers and that no help from anyone came to their assistance.

When those two SEALS were found, deceased, killed by artillery from “the attackers” (so it was said, impersonally, without commitment by the Obama Administration), their weapons were bloodied, which indicates they continued to defend the place and persons in Benghazi even after they themselves were wounded. They continued to fire with, certainly, an expectation that help would arrive. Yet no help arrived and there they perished along with others from the Embassy itself and those who survived were whisked away to other U.S. controlled locations, never to be heard from by the American public afterward.

Here we are in November 2012 at nearly the end of the month and the Obama Administration continues to engage in various before-and-behind-the-scenes machinations about issues that can be tenuously said to relate to Benghazi or to this, that, some person here, there, scandal of a personal nature by him, her, “it’s still being investigated…”

Obama’s U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice (no relation to me though she owns the same full, legal name as I do), went before the world on a rotten weekend morning with a full range of broadcast network appearances nearly two weeks after 09/11/12 and insisted that “it was a protest by a random gang” (again, I paraphrase) and was “caused by a terrible video” made by an American who was a Christian, former Muslim and had “offended Islam” by his daring to point out theological differences he’d experienced with that Nation: “video, bad filmmaker, nasty former Muslim, deeply offensive to Islam, random gang, rioting righteous Muslims…”

And she not only insisted that line of story, she did so with tone and appearance that insulted everyone hearing and seeing her appearance: with sterness undue the issue itself, aimed at silencing inquiry not at silencing those responsible for the violence. Hers was a series of Sunday morning media appearances directed at diminishing curiosity if not shaming the curious.

Two full weeks after this terrible dereliction of the Benghazi Embassy in which four Americans lost their lives at the hands of marauding Muslims, the tale we and the world were being told was that the cause of all that heartache was this:

“video, bad filmmaker, nasty former Muslim, deeply offensive to Islam, random gang, rioting righteous Muslims…”

And that was the tale told to the world by Barack Obama himself when he delivered a crusty speech to the United Nations, assembled: “bad filmmaker, nasty former Muslim, deeply offensive to Islam…” and on it went at something quite close to that.

Today that Ambassador Rice is saying she acted “squarely” according to the Intelligence she was provided. That means it was someone else’s fault that she lied, or that she lied but wasn’t aware of it or that she was an incompetent stooge “simply” doing what she was told to do because someone else told her to do it (Intelligence or supervisor Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, or…). Note she hasn’t said it was Barack Obama who met with her and the Cabinet members to discuss, etc. Mention of Obama is being oddly avoided in statements about the Benghazi tragedy — terrorism, clearly, terrorism committed against a U.S. embassy — or even suggested as involved in this entire mess while even he declared earlier in his U.N. speech as also in other statements that he’d said he ordered American lives “to be protected.”

Yet Obama as President, according to the military, never issued any command to attack the attackers and the two SEALS, we are told by reports, acted independently to assist the Embassy while it was already under attack, their orders being to “stand down” yet their training as SEALS being to defend and protect and that training is what they responded to and did so heroically from the look of things.

Here we are in late November and Congress is in an investigative, hearing process as to what happened in Benghazi, who is responsible for what happened, who failed to do their job. A President has to issue a command to the military before the military can and will “act” with force against an offense and so far, all we know is Obama, as President, never issued such an order — instead, after watching the Benghazi attack UNDERWAY for SEVEN HOURS, viewed and recorded by U.S. military/intelligence drone, Obama “went to bed” and then got up the next morning and flew to Las Vegas for another one of his fundraisers.

He’s tried blaming the SEALS for following their training and losing their lives — the excuse used: “they ignored the ‘stand down’ order,” after all –and tried sending out Ambassador S. Rice to lie to the world about the nature of the violence involved, he’s tried deploying personally embarrassing information about now-former Central Intelligence Director and former General Petraeus, he’s tried shuffling Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Director of Defense Leon Panetta off to Australia for some sort of photo-ops and “inspections” — much more urgent, after all, than this ‘Benghazi thing’ or so we’re supposed to accept this tourism-brigade by two of the nation’s most pronounced employees at a time of crises.

Four Americans lost their lives and did so on the job, doing their job. The two Navy SEALS among them asked for help while stil alive and engaged in weapons fire and their request for help was denied. The Benghazi Embassy Ambassador was raped before and after his death and the stories of the other victims have not been made known other than one of the Ambassador’s employees “was killed”.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R/SC) today said, about the Congressional hearing underway, that “President Obama is stonewalling the American people” about Benghazi.

No kidding.

Today’s latest Obama-excuse-spiel to try and shame anyone from asking about anything:

Susan Rice: All of this Benghazi criticism is “unfounded”
– by Erika Johnsen, HOT AIR, November 22, 2012

Earlier reference:

Petraeus tells Congress that ‘Obama administration altered CIA talking points’ on Benghazi
•Petraeus testified that he always knew the attack was linked to al-Qaeda
•Snuck into the Capitol in secret and out of media’s view
– by Associated Press Reporter and Toby Harnden In Washington
PUBLISHED: 08:56 EST, 16 November 2012 | UPDATED: 15:02 EST, 17 November 2012

Ryan: If Obama Knew It Was Terror, Why Did He Send Rice Out To Say It Was The Video?
– from RealClearPolitics, October 17, 2012

The hidden real truth about Benghazi
– by Doug Hagmann, in Canada Free Press, October 28, 2012

An Incriminating Timeline: The Obama Administration and Libya
– from THE FOUNDRY, by Helle Dale, October 08, 2012

In the following, indicationa of Barack Obama’s pathetic, loathesome abuse of the Benghazi tragedy to work toward his relection…proven by later events (election results and ongoing “tales told” about Benghazi) to be par tof Obama’s plan for relection, “managing how to avoid Benghazi and blaming nearly anyone else for it”:

Revolt of the Spooks
Intelligence officials angered by Obama administration cover up of intelligence on Iranian, al Qaeda surge in Egypt and Libya
– by Bill Gertz, October 05, 2012

The remains of the Embassy:

Bloody hand prints, stolen documents and shocking security failings: Harrowing pictures inside crumbling U.S. consulate in Benghazi after attacks that left ambassador and three others dead
•Dramatic images of bloody hand prints and crumbling buildings capture horror of Tuesday’s attack on U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which fell on 11th anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks
•Sensitive documents have gone missing from compound, including names of Libyans working with Americans
•Libyan officials say four men now in custody in relation to attack
•Landlord of building says there were 400 rioters and attack could not be prevented

-by Beth Stebner, DAILY MAIL, 13 September 2012 | UPDATED: 03:29 EST, 14 September 2012

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