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Barack Obama has somehow managed to ‘win’ this latest election for the Presidency but he has no mandate, he was not elected by the nation’s majority despite what he claims. I write this not to discount those legitimate votes cast for Obama that have been counted but to point out that there is a huge, vast, extraordinary gap in meaning and reality between what is said by Obama and what he means by what he isn’t saying or the code words he does express that represent his selective context that runs contrary to what listeners instead assume he means.

And about the election, I am sure that we the voting public will be reading about “voter irregularities” and other “discoveries” about polling, voting and ballot issues in the months to come while we, meanwhile, wade through the deluge of ongoing Obama-Leftwing-Democrat moves and misleadments. Their “win” was marginal and does not represent the majority of American voters, and, therefore, Obama has no “mandate” despite what he crowed in his well-performed bombast while reading his teleprompter last night.

To say I don’t respect Barack Obama is to miss the many issue compromises and complications I hve written about over the years on this site. I continue to respect the Office of the U.S. Presidency and do so with great aplomb but I do not respect how Barack Obama has used that Office, as have his supporters, to demean, discourage, denigrate and inflict ruin not only on that Office but in doing so, on this nation.

I’m deeply sorry for all those who voted for Obama yesterday. I’m sorry they are enraptured by a deceptive messaging and in many cases, otherwise, from what I’ve read from them, by the false imagery of vanity. I’m sorry their wrong decisions inflict harms on the rest of us, I’m sorry that the work and views of the rest of us fall fallow on their fallow virtues.


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Last, but not least, the damages the Leftmedia continues to inflict on the credibility and reliability of public information:

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