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Hi, this is a TEST POST to inspect the newly installed DIQUS commenting system.

UPDATE: DISQUS commenting system install successful and ready for use.

However, some complications (as to older comments that have been imported here from earlier site configuration of years ago) still exist as follows:

this site’s old Administrator account ID (“BIRD”) — which was abandoned years ago when this site was recreated using Word Press and the subdomain (“BIRD”) was deleted — has in the interim since it was abandoned been taken-up in use by someone else. Unfortunately, that complication has confused the DISQUS import function such that old comments were correctly imported under “BIRD” **BUT** also linked are someone else’s comments on other sites on which that user ID (“BIRD”) has been or is being used by someone else.

A request to DISQUS has been made to try an correct this cross-linkage complication, a resolution about which is still pending.

Otherwise, the DISQUS commenting system on this site (“”) is now ready to use by those who are registered with DISQUS — and, if not registered, it’s easy to do so:

UPDATE II: Ooops, DISQUS isn’t functioning as it should here, due to installation glitch of this site’s making. Have requested DISQUS feedback but will leave all as-is pending corrections, since this site has not been enabling comments for a while anyway. Will correct the DISQUS system soon as possible, so stay-tuned.

Later…oh, forget it, can’t seem to deploy DISQUS here, just won’t load on pages after long delays, despite plug-in properly installed per DISQUS instructions. If anyone has any ideas, help would be appreciated.

Now back to the ordinary site-user-registration-to-comment for now.

UPDATE III: DISQUS commenting system now functioning properly.

C O M M E N T S : now closed