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There is next to nothing to prove or substantiate that Barack Obama has provided executive services to this nation over the past four years, those years being the four he asked he be hired — and was — to provide the nation with exective services.

He’s agitated our population and the populations of other nations, he’s annoyed, deprived, harassed, confounded, betrayed and misinformed billions of human beings, his only contributions — from a wellness or helpful-to-most perspective — have been to segments of self-segregating people with axes to grind against the rest of us for a variety of reasons, most of those rationalized by ethnic, racial and/or gender terms, which means what contributions Obama has made these past four years are highly subjective if not dubious to a reasonable mind free of subjective, cosmetic and vain resentments.

There is near-absent evidence that as President, or as hired as “Commander in Chief,” Barack Obama has upheld and defended our Constitution. There is, however, ample evidence that he has, using his position in the last four years, to undermine, circumvent if not condemn our Constitution and certainly the limits and requirements our Constittuion places on his job position. As commander of our armed forces, there is ample evidence that he has undermined their security and capability if not serviced those who are enemies of our American military. The attacks on our embassies in the last weeks and Obama’s refusal to name terrorism what it is and to instead blame a video for the actions of savagery instead of the savages responsible are proof yet again that Obama’s sympathies lie with those who attack and demean us.

Questioned about these glaring offenses, Obama’s retort, buoyed by the ever-dependably irrational Nancy Pelosi: blame former President George Bush and “Republicans”. Obama has been gilded by an equally appeasing and also-ran irrational leftmedia such that even Obama’s most obvious violations of logic — and reality — are deemed substantive. He reaps applause even when he’s clearly not making sense, avoiding answering questions with his predictable tangential ‘responses’ when posed with any issue and/or his use of song and dance to song-and-dance his way around being held to task for his own actions and positions.

Those who voted for Obama in the 2008 election bought the song-and-dance instead of the man. Because the man was, even then, proven to be faulty to a point of failure — certainly faulty by way of his false claims about his intentions, his plans, his ideas and that dubious grasp he has on honest reportage about himself. Voters bowed to Obama in 2008 wanted to be entertained, they wanted a soap-opera idol, they wanted the poster, a fantasy, an opportunity to do a dance down the street and explain it as walking — nothing wrong with dancing down the street and posters, nor as to fantasy and soap operas if those are fancied, but the point as to who and how one votes when based on these ‘willing to be misled’ experiences is irrational behzvior for any voter. Obama, indeed, exploited that about human nature, offering just the right recipe to attract and capture those willing-to-be-misled if not eager to be so: that’s what dictators do.


WATCH the movie, “2016”: I encourage all to see this film, “2016,” in a theatre.

Obama administration ‘hiding from reality’ on Libya embassy attack
– by Larry Clifton, THE EXAMINER, September 20, 2012

Footnote: My understanding is that the Obama Administration is not “hiding” from reality about the Libya embassy attack — and the rest of the Muslim assaults against US and Allied infrastructure and personnel globally — but is instead maintaining a false-front about these attacks. The key question is, of course, why.

Permanent Spin
– by Stephen H. Hayes, The Weekly Standard, October 01, 2012 edition

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