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He’s attacking the state of Arizona, he’s set the Department of Justice on the nation’s population of “anyone not Black” (meanwhile, his campaign relection needs for votes have added “and Latino” to that exception), he’s cast aside the U.S. Constitution on nothing more than his whims, he takes more time off expecting everyone to pay him anyway — a 101st golfing day marked his fabulous “father’s day” celebration without his family who he left back in the place he and the wife loathe, the White House though it now be peppered with portraits of himself and a lot of mirrors, too — he’s required Christian imagery be removed from whence he performs the teleprompter, he’s lecturing elementary school children on their reproductive abilities in descriptions of specific acts and bodily parts while decrying pregnancy as “punishment” for purposes of relishing more abortions as preferable ‘choice’ while reiterating a major portion of the homosexual agenda, he’s responsible either directly or by peer for national secutity leaks of highly classified information, several unions use him and the White House as an operations center, he’s insulted our nation’s allies and courted with extreme indulgence those who seek our nation’s end…

…the list of errata from the Office of the Presidency goes on and on as committed by Barack Hussein Obama, the above is mere bits of wrongs this nation is experiencing from this man and his associates through the Executive Branch. I wonder if Obama intended to trash the office he was unfortunately elected to or if he truly has been and is acting out in his sincere nature as an indecent and irrational person; either way, though certain entertainers and other gullible persons find him “charming in person,” we as a nation have been beset with a person at the top who doesn’t have our collective best interests in mind, nor those of our nation’s allies.

Obama appears to have only his own best interests in mind as also those of others who want our destruction. And what does that say about Obama…

This is the current state of the Presidency. And this coming Thursday, June 28, 2012, our U.S. Supreme Court will announce their decision about Barack Obama’s most offensive assault on our legislative process, the so-called “Obamacare” (offensively titled the “Affordable Care Act” which is neither affordable nor does it deliver care, it simply installs yet more socialized, nationalized control over our nation’s remaining private property and removes a great deal of liberty from all individuals). Obama’s shown in the past that he keeps “alternate” lines of attack at the ready when his ideas are thwarted or interrupted and those lines in Obama’s methods deliver penalizing conditions without regard for law and order. So, what does he have planned for this Thursday if the Supreme Court majority determines his “Obamacare” mess is not Constitutional?


Supreme Court to rule Thursday on health care
– by Bill Mears, CNN, June 25, 2012

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