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The U.S. Supreme Court is being summarized at this hour to have “held that Obamacare is Constitutional” following the announcement of their decision earlier this morning.

But what isn’t being said in that summary is that the Court didn’t — did not — determine the “Obamacare” (“Affordable Care Act”) to be Constitutional in the context by which that Act was voted on by Congress. It was never described as, referred to, presented as being “a tax” or “tax scheme” or “tax plan” or anything related to “tax”; to the contrary, the Act was said to be legitimate as made possible through the Commerce Clause.

Today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court said “no” to that — that it’s NOT Constitutional under the Commerce Clause. However, what the Court then did affirm is that the Act is Constitutional “as a tax,” that the government can tax as Congress determines it shall.

This Act was discredited by the majority of the American public as being unconstitutional just as the Court today affirmed it was: in the context by which it was pushed, pulled, argued over and frantically passed unread by all and largely mysteriously unaccessible to Republicans by Nancy Pelosi’s and Harry Reid’s refusal to allow access to the contents until after the Act was passed. It was argued to be unconstitutional in the context it was defined and the Court has agreed with that.

However, during arguments before the Court, the Obama Administration changed the context of what this Act is: it “migrated” from being “not a tax” as it was passed by Congress to then being “a tax” and it was that context that the Court did find Constitutional (to much disagreement — even Justice Kennedy, expected to represent the Liberal perspective of the Court, issued his minority determination that “the entire Act is unconstitutional;” i.e., as Commerce, as tax, whichever, both unconstitutional.

Americans are now being ridiculed, a lot of that in pejoratives, cruddy, crude speech, by the Left today because, so the Left claims, “it’s Constitutional.” Even President Obama, despite his history of recorded statements swearing “this is not a tax,” made preposterously victorious statements in the past few hours about this decision by the Court with no admission that he’s engaged in massive fraud upon this nation, legislatively and otherwise. He sold legislation as “not a tax” that is deemed Constitutional only as a tax.

Obama The Liar.

Congress and a Republican President elected this November 2012 must repeal this awful, cruel if not criminal enterprise underway by Barack Obama and his coworkers among the Democrats. Refuse to fund the mess, repeal it, prosecute these scurrilous machinations by Obama, whatever it takes. Mitt Romney today declared that he “will repeal (this)” on his first day in office, if he’s elected President. So I hope that he is and encourage everyone to get behind Romney if for no other reason than to manage this fiasco through to a good, better, reasonable conclusion. Our nation needs solutions, not a dictatorship and I don’t see from Obama that he understands the difference.

It’s not “care,” it’s taxation, and massive at that. ObamaCareTax, ObamaTaxCare, take your pick.

Obama The Liar.

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…“And the President of the United States himself promised up and down that this bill was not a tax.

“This was one of the Democrats’ top selling points — because they knew it would have never passed if they said it was. The Supreme Court has spoken. This law is a tax.

“This bill was sold to the American people on a deception. But it’s not just that the promises about this law weren’t kept. It’s that it’s made the problems it was meant to solve even worse.

“The supposed cure has proved to be worse than the disease.

“So it’s not just that the promises about this law weren’t kept. It’s that it has made the problems it was meant to solve even worse…

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