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Well, it’s done. Rest thing is over. It ended about a week ago but then hardware issues arrived. Otherwise, I’d have made this huge announcement a week ago but enough with that tangent, too. Hardware and rest both resolved, I’m rested and the hardware is new.

So enough with the evasions to commenting about the substantial news of the non-self-referential kind and now back to the future: what was a shiny object with magical, hypnotic powers — a political player created by a politically playing, and playing badly, media that chimed, “look over there, now look at me, no, over there, feel my voice and now look at him” — that to those of us who are immune to the effects of the Lemming Trance was a social phenomenon akin to millions of people jumping off a high tower while laughing at the wealth of life they were leaving behind “because it’s fun and he told me to” — has been increasingly exposed as a happening akin to a fungal infection in the damp basement of our nation and it’s this site’s time and purpose to again get back on the horse called Disinfectant.

That means this location will resume it’s commentary later today and most of what is posted will be for purposes of effecting actual and meaningful change this November. Just remember: Truth is free but it comes with responsibilities.

All continued readership is greatly appreciated.

C O M M E N T S : now closed