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It was brave of Rep. John Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell to sit with host, President Barack Obama, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid in the White House May 17, 2012 if for nothing else to enjoy a lunch. I’m concerned about just what was in that lunch — I doubt it contained much goodwill from the host. I doubt the host was too concerned with much of anything other than what he, Pelosi and Reid could consume.

I see no goodwill coming from the Democrats and especially from Obama, Pelosi and/or Reid, but the pretense of offering Republicans Boehner and McConnell hoagies in the White House was amusing while droll: it was also insulting in light of the denigration of the legislative process these Democrats have exhibited over the last years.


Hoagies Only Topic of Agreement at ‘Summit’
– by Steven T. Dennis and Meredith Shiner, Roll Call, May 17, 2012

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