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I’m not updating this site as often as I have in the many years past — this pause in posting either often or at all began last Fall — because I have lost my sense of humor and until I can rally it again, I don’t prefer the serious content on my mind as much as the humorous stuff and graphics and, thus, just stopped posting.

I used to experience actual pressure to post. More than one day elapsed without writing an update and I’d feel some sort of stress about it. This wasn’t a happy experience and I decided to let the “blogging experience” lapse more and more often because that sort of building anxiousness about not posting just seemed wrong to me, like being owned by a venture in writing.

Meanwhile, Twitter use has instead taken over what time and attention I devote to at least attempting the online-social thing, though that is more akin to standing in a truck stop (so I imagine) and talking out loud to strangers as they come and go. Unfortunately, many of those strangers at that place are not nice people and too much twitter exposure leads to too many very awful fits of abuse by very awful and quite entirely irrational poeple — not to mention the malicious crowd who gets in one’s face and emits noxiousness.

So, twitter, to me, has been a learning experience: I find it a valuable place for news and other public information so I continue to use it nearly daily but the “social interaction” expectations and expectations about it being worthwhile are proving to be disappointing.

The worst of those disappointments have been, unfortunately, from people who identify as being on the somewhat-Right but really hate me and I have no idea why since my values and beliefs are likely far more Conservative (“Right” as in, supportive of, at least, the GOP as to voting and issues) than most.

It’s an issues divide and the divide appears to be (from what my experience tells me) based upon a number of negative stereotypical assumptions by some upon which they operate that immediately sends me or anyone else to some terrible downgrade if and when I indicate I’m not into their demands. Let me explain a few specifics:

— I support marriage between one man and one woman, or, rather, what’s being called “Traditional Marriage” AND I support the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”) *because* a federal or nation-wide law is necessary to organize what marriage is between and from state-to-state: the anarchy that would result legally and socially if states determined their unique, respective declaration of who-what as to marriage would be immense. Thus, a federal law of some sort is necessary, as I figure this, to define what marriage is as to who it applies to and under what conditions.

— My support of this attracts condemnation from, mostly, homosexual activists and others, especially on the Right, who are associated today with the GOP but who are pushing for “‘gay’ marriage” (along with other activism in that regard). I simply don’t accept that homosexuality is innate and I do believe it is learned or acquired behavior, and, I do accept my religious denomination’s views about the nature of those behaviors (that the behaviors are sin).

— I don’t insist my beliefs or intellectual understandings about these issues on anyone else. But most who support the opposite of what I do (those who support “‘gay’ marriage” and think homosexuality is level with another or new race or third gender, that, so they believe, it is “innate” or somehow manifested by nature as their original state similar to having a racial type or being of a male or female gender or now a new one in addition to that called “homosexual”)…I attract a great deal of denigration and dismissal socially for my views contrary to that: my beliefs being that homosexuality is behavioral and not innate, that it is sin as defined by a theology I hold dear, which means, it’s wrong behavior, it’s self-harming.

— I don’t (and have never) harassed anyone about their behaviors in this regard or very few others: friendships and relationships I have are not based upon what’s-wrong-with-you but what’s-right and those in my past experiences that weren’t such have been discontinued if not able to be repaired beyond that. So by merely sharing my views, condemnation by those so inclined or oriented reaps a great deal of harassment. This is wrong, socially, but twitter makes it all too easy to be harassed by people who are all too often incredibly thoughtless about the negative impact they have on others, when opinions differ or sometimes even when they don’t: it’s like a reflex some human beings have, to stick you with some word-weapon and then follow-up that sticking with writing graffiti about you all over the place just because they can.

Respect for my morality, morals, beliefs — religious, political — is overrun by some who assume their beliefs to the contrary are superior. This is extremely unfortunate as it is also socially offensive but that’s the way things are today where “social media” is concerned because, so I conclude, more persons with time and resources available to use the internet with some intensity hold Leftwing, intense socio-political views, including some who claim to be Republicans.

— A second issue that is condemned by some on the alleged-Right (so I write because I don’t believe their views nor their condemnation of my views represents much to anything that is definitive of being on the Right) is the one of border and immigration security: I do support enforcing our existing laws, I don’t support “reform” nor believe it’s necessary to resolve anything and I am opposed to amnesty of any sort as to illegal aliens in our nation.

— A third issue is one of my prolife beliefs and views. It’s horrific to read that some humans actually believe other humans aren’t human, but that’s what they do believe if you read twitter or hear Leftwingers opinining just about anywhere: one isn’t human until birth or, worse, one isn’t human even after birth but until you’ve acquired two or three years out of the womb. I’m prolife and quite uncompromised about that but should anyone doubt there is a fierce “war” against those of us who are, just read twitter’s hashtags in that regard (#prolife and #prochoice, with the latter being favored by the abortionists).

So I read a lot of hatefulness directed to and about me in these three regards, particularly. All the pejoratives and nasty tags that those two issues seem defined by, unfortunately. I expect it from Democrats, from Liberals, while I’m always disappointed to read it from those who claim to be not Left.

While social media is supposed to be about individual’s sharing individual points of view while others individuals share theirs and one mix eventually takes shape however ill-defined or not — social media, unfortunately, is too often used by individuals out to eradicate not only the opinions of others but to ruin the individuals who have them. This has an erosive effect over time and after running into such too often (like, say, more than twice) on my sense of humor and I question at that point why be entertaining if no one values it, or worse, condemns it. And me. I stop wanting to share what I have — not a good reaction but that’s my honest share here.

Thus, my sense of humor has fallen and I can’t seem yet to get it flying again. Until I can, I’m withholding more posting here but it’s not permanent.

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