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UPDATE: The editing of will occur Monday and Tuesday, November 07 and 08.

To readers who access my GALLERY site, you will find broken links and missing displays of image files throughout that site until the site’s updating is completed, planned for tomorrow.

In explanation of the situation: the GALLERY contents were relocated on my server at my request for technical reasons, resulting in the original links now being “broken” due to relocation from one area of my hosting account to another.

However, the site itself continues to be available with all written content — only many of the image file links are still in need of being updated.

I continue to praise my excellent webhost,, for their expertise, kindness and exceptional technical support. If you are in need of a superior webhost for both or either personal blogging or commercial website purposes, you won’t find a better host than — they install and maintain WordPress and other content management programs for their clients and my sites would not be possible without their wonderful helps.

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