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This is proof that even idiots — and even corrupt idiots — can be elected (and are) to the U.S. Congress.

Here we have two respected Generals from our U.S. military — Four-Star General Barry McCaffery, now retired from the U.S. Army, and U.S. Army Major General Robert H. Scales, who were asked by Congress to investigate and then report back as to their observations and evaluations about the U.S. Southern border.

One of the two miserable hacks in Congress who are responsible for this hideous abuse of Congressional privilege is Rep. Henry Cuellar from Laredo, Texas, 28th District — he’s the one captured in this video vignette attempting to silence if not prevent Genereal McCaffery’s testimony before Congress; the second of the two in Congress responsible for this is Rep. Silvestre Reyes from El Paso, Texas (note his website refers to Herman Cain’s “hateful rhetoric” as to border fencing, so it’s clear where Mr. Reyes’ interests are and what he’s motivated by and it isn’t national security for the United States of America).

To no one’s surprise, both of these yabbering nabobs in Congress are Democrats and both appear quite intense (to state the obvious) in their needs to silence reports by U.S. military command about what is occurring on our Southern border: cartel influence or ownership, perhaps, leaked into our Congress by way of yabbering hacks wedged into our U.S. Congress? Certainly the behavior by both Reps. Cuellar and Reyes is beyond mere disagreement: they haven’t even heard what the two Generals have to report, and, worse, they “won’t” hear it and are determined no one else will, either; so, of course, Cuellar’s and Reyes’ motives are questionable and should be, not to mention their outrageous behavior in Congress. What is it that is to be reported by these two Generals that these two irrational Congress nabobs just can’t tolerate being stated? When did people elected to the U.S. Congress become quite so irrationally didactic in attempts to suppress information about other nations and deny exposure about U.S. conditions — what countries do Cuellar and Reyes represent, perhaps a nation-within-a-nation separate and opposed to the other?

The second, U.S. General — Robert Scales — continues on Fox News (after the bit of testimony [attempted] before Congress by McCaffery) with Greta van Susteren and is able at that time to report some of the dreadful information he’s observed on our Southern border (see video report), so be sure to watch the video all the way through.

To what dedication otherwise do these two Congress people from Texas have in suppressing if not condemning (certainly, in trying to prevent the testimony itself) the reports by two extremely capable, well seasoned, well experienced military commanders? What’s the motivation to so immediately need to silence these two Generals and their information from being read into the Congressional record?

Crime and abandon of, apparently, all reason from people South of our border (and now, apparently, also North of it in our own nation by tentacles and “connected interests” to the situation to our South) reaches far into our nation’s character when it’s a simple process of “influence” if not counter-command over people in our government by such criminal enterprises as besets and has ruined nations to the South of us. May the stay in our U.S. Congress by Reps. Cuellar and Reyes be short and condemned by decent Americans everywhere.

I always wonder: countries to our South have made such messes out of their own civilizations, why does anyone so much as entertain the idea of replicating those messes here in the U.S.A.? Their problems didn’t just burst into existence recently, especially as to Mexico and other Central American nations, they have been engaged in self-destructive, barbaric degeneration of themselves and others for a long time now — extending this destruction to the United States by way of various criminal enterprises and criminal individuals does nothing to improve one’s lot, and it certainly shares nothing of worth with the United States of America.

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