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The “Occupy” protests occurring at this time nationwide, are organized by SEIU, by the group formerly-known as ACORN and now called “The Working Families Party” but little-changed otherwise (change the name, still the same), by Communist and former Barack Obama Administration member (“former” seems to be arguable), Van Jones, and by other labor unions and recurring Leftwingers/Anarchists who are well-padded financially and able to rabble-rouse based upon delusions, paranoia, lusts and/or other desires to act-out anti-socially.

These are the derogatory handicaps of life laden with the right of free speech. But free speech does not cancel out nor justify criminal behavior including negligence, assault, vandalism nor any other act that violates standards of decency as defined by laws. Therein the decomposition of civilization exists, when more than randomly irresponsible individuals congregate to commit the acts corporately.

Despite being lauded and complimented by equally irresponsible Democrats from various public offices — Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama among them — the decomposition of civilization as committed by the “Occupy” groups across the land is not a welcome wave of smartness but quite the contrary: decomposition is destructive, and civilization only exists as long as individual behavior is civilized (or, socially considerate, socially contributory). What the “Occupy” protests, such as they can be called anything — no ideology is expressed in them, nothing specific shared as to complaints or demands, few participating know what it is they’re there for other than they are drawn to some public display of antagonism toward others though they can’t name who those others are — what the “Occupy” thing is appears to be general decomposition of civilized behavior and ability to understand and engage in socially-contributory deeds beyond self-gratification of single-acts for self-preservation like finding and eating food, pitching tents and rolling in sleeping bags, the ability to write (though badly) on cardboard, themselves and other people, and defecating on other people and private property.

Who else other than the predictably deranged Leftwing political interests in the U.S. are supporting these protests? Why, none others than Communists Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez along with the readily available Islamo-fascists (Louis Farrakhan is happy about “Occupy”), terrorists in the Middle East (and elsewhere). Americans from the entertainment industry — Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Kanye West among others, without public reprimand from their corporate-customers and/or employers — show “solidarity” with the protests, while the U.S. Leftmedia is trying extra hard to position the Occupy mess as somehow the equivalent with the Tea Party, which is the most egregiously nasty mold growing on the top of the composition heap, that lying campaign by the Leftwmedia — can they sink even lower than they are already? The answer, obviously, is, yes, they’re still working on the New Low, Down and Ruined.

On sheer basics of human behavior alone, the Tea Party has been consistently characterized by peaceful assembly, no public nudity, no intoxication or public defecation/urination, has left every location they’ve organized clean and free of all rubbish or residue from their visit there, have shared and been ready to express shared goals — reduce government, reduce taxes (“taxed enough already” = “TEA” Party) and accountability from government — and has in no way in the past nor I strongly doubt in the future engaged in nor will engage in any of the mass-disarray, confusion and anarchy along with destructive declarations and acts as have the “Occupy” protests and those participating in the varioius ugly “Occupy” “associates”.

Here’s but one bit from among many, from THE BLAZE, presenting Accuracy in Media’s visit to Occupy D.C.:

Tea Partiers ‘Invade’ Occupy D.C. Protest…And This is the Video
– from THE BLAZE, Billy Hallowell, October 11, 2011

What happens when the Tea Party invades the seemingly never-ending “Occupy” protest movement? Until now, this question has been left to the whims of the imagination. But over the weekend, Accuracy in Media, Let Freedom Ring and Young America’s Foundation joined forces to infiltrate ”Occupy D.C.”

As you can imagine, the results are quite hilarious, as the Tea Party counter-protesters state their love for capitalism, holding signs that read, “Taxed Enough Already” and “Unions Destroy Jobs,” among others. The patriotic young men, who are predictably met with anger, hand out Constitutions to the “Occupiers,” while defending capitalism…

Accuracy in Media described the mission as follows: “To see what happens when three peaceful fans of capitalism, guns and our military take to the streets.”

Watch the insanity unfold, below (caution: language)…


Meet The Anarchist Leaders Behind The ‘Leaderless’ #Occupy Movement – Part One: Lisa Fithian
– by Lee Stranahan, Big Government, October 09, 2011

Democrats Launch Petition in Support of #OccupyWallStreet Protests
– by Publius, Big Government, October 10, 2011

Racist Fascism on Tape: Lisa Fithian, Organizer Behind #OccupyWallSt, Addresses Activists in Chicago
– by Publius, Big Government, October 11, 2011

NY “Occupy” Protesters Chant: “You Can Have Sex With Animals”
– from Pat Dollard, October 11, 2011

Occupiers Still Calling For Weaponized Homeless People…
– from Weasel Zippers, October 11, 2011

And Weasel Zippers has a whole array of articles, videos and photos gathered together from various other sites that exposes the grotesque thing that is “Occupy”, so visit that site for so much more.

More from this site to come.

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