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Mind the language, if not the entire escapade captured in this video: it’s an exercise in remaining calm in the face of people who are utterly out of touch and likely not easily summoned back.

With the common theme by the Left of “police cruelty” and similar castigation of law enforcement, this video proves otherwise.

Occupy San Diego’s Own Lefty Media to Police: ‘You’re a F***ing Joke!’
– by Dan Gainor with MRCTVone, October 28, 2011

Occupy Wall Street, the global socialist/communist/anarchist revolutionary movement, wants to bill itself as mainstream and peaceful. They have complained loudly that police are pushing them out of their illegal gatherings in different cities, resulting in one severe injury in Oakland.

They don’t talk about how they taunt, harass, intimidate and threaten the very police they are complaining about. (Full video here.) In a video from the Occupy San Diego protests, a man and woman, who are running the live video feed and claim to be from “the f***ing press,” complain loudly, obscenely and long about not being allowed access to the site where police are removing protester tents. At one point, the female member of the team screams at the police: “Get a new f***ing job” and “You’re a f***ing joke.”

The two “press” members, who claim even to have press credentials, proceed to scream for several minutes at the officers, call out one policeman, threaten to show the video to his daughter and call on their audience to “docs” the policeman. “You will not hide, Officer Pollack,” threatens the male protester. That’s a reference to the hacker group Anonymous, which is behind the protests, and calls on viewers to investigate the officer in question. The man in the pair also says “We are legion,” which is an Anonymous motto.

Here are a few highlights of the liberal press’s love for police: (— Continued ).

For whatever alleged “student loans” these screamers want forgiven for whatever school they attended, they didn’t pay enough and they received far too little if their behavior is any indication of what the average “Occupier” is all about.

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