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My only suggestion to improve the above would be that it included a more extensive coverage of the Leftmedia, to include the likes of CNN, CBS, NBC/MSNBC and ABC. Imagining their headlines here: “Heroic Protesters Demand the Joy of Socialism,” and, perhaps, “Eating Luxury Meals in New York on Someone Else’s Dollars.”

After more than a month of this Occupy mess, there now are the predictable riots (in Oakland, in Atlanta, and I imagine elsewhere that escapes being reported), and, finally, a demand enunciated from this mess: they want college loans ‘forgiven’. Obama responds with announcing college loans will be forgiven while failing to mention to these gullible Occupiers that their interest rates will be higher (it’ll cost the borrowers far more for the loans before any “forgiveness” sets in at the twenty-year age of the unpaid balance — which I allege here because I strongly, strongly distrust Obama’s claim that borrowers “will be paying less” for their loans, now or later), and, most importantly, fails to reveal to the Occupiers that though they assume their student loans have been forgiven if they remain unpaid for twenty years after college enrollment, they’ll still be paying for them by way of the Internal Revenue Service.

The result: they’ll either be working or not in twenty years after college but either way, their debt will be harvested from them, either in the loan repayment in full or via their taxes. Their only reward: they’ve been fooled again by the Big Hustler.

“There is no free lunch,” which is, apparently, not taught in college, nor is it advised there that one should no longer take candy from someone promising you a free ride. Or take the ride, either.


Obama Taps Taxpayers For Student Stimulus
– by Chris Stirewalt, Fox News, October 26, 2011

Obama unveils student debt-relief plan‘Can’t wait’ for Congress, president says
– by Ben Wolfgang, The Washington Times, October 26, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street diet
– by Howard Portnoy, Hot Air’s Green Room, October 19, 2011

OWSers Feasting Like Millionaires on Gourmet Cuisine
– by Jim Kane, Gather News, October 19, 2011

But, wait, the chefs in New York are now embittered and giving up (because they’re “tired of feeding freeloaders and homeless“):

Occupy Wall Street kitchen staff protesting fixing food for freeloaders
– by SELIM ALGAR and BOB FREDERICKS, New York Post, October 27, 2011


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