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Rep. Maxine Waters Calls For A Trillion-Dollar Jobs Program

The one and only point Maxine Waters makes that is reasonable is that, so she’s saying, “when people work they earn money.” Unfortunately, any reasonableness begins and ends there (once again) with that statement by Waters, since she then continues on to say this:

I’m talking about a jobs program of a trillion dollars or more. We’ve got to put Americans to work. That’s the only way to revitalize this economy. When people work they earn money, they spend that money, and that’s what gets the economy up and going,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Waters doesn’t understand or refuses to recognize that free enterprise (Capitalism) creates jobs and pays people that money that they earn when they work at those jobs. Instead, Waters one and only idea about our economy is that the federal government (that means, other people’s money) should dole out a trillion dollars (likely, more if her ideas are more specified than here). No free enterprise, no Capitalism, just a dole (or another dole), another social program to welfare the American public along by increasing debt and dependence for both government and the individual.

Maxine Waters is elected from a Congressional district in California that has a high poverty rate, high unemployment and in which a great deal of it’s population is dependent upon public assistance. This was so before and continues now during our national economic downturn. Waters has little to show as to accomplishments in Congress other than continued public assistance to a publicly dependent population.

If those who elect and continue to re-elect her would get the point that she isn’t helping them in Congress — dependency and ongoing indebtedness is no way to live one’s life and it’s certainly no way to create jobs (there or nationwide) — they’d wisen-up and elect someone else who understands and is experienced in job creation. Namely, a businessperson who understands what it is to start and build companies as also how to staff them and keep both staff and businesses productive.

Instead, they in California’s 35th District — or, as it is referred to in the ZONATION video embedded below here, “the 666th District” — have elected and continue to re-elect Maxine Waters whose idea of “jobs” is increased government dependency, a lifestyle on the plantation, in other words, some owner (government, the nation’s taxpayers) from their big house (Congress) doling out the feed every month to the huddled, enslaved dependents workers.

Our nation helps those who cannot help themselves. Few to no one would or does argue against that. But as to general employment solutions when few to none are working, the solution isn’t increased, ongoing dependency but an independently owned and operated workplace where real goods and/or services are accomplished and delivered competitively. Waters only understands how to take from those who have accomplished that already and to encourage those who have not yet accomplished that not to do so.

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– from this site, August 26, 2011

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