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Do they have a golf course? Will Michelle and enterouge fly there earlier or later by a few hours either way, and, will she wear conflicting batik prints with or without her bomber belt? And not to be overlooked is the safari from Bali into Australia and, uhh, perhaps also to Thailand. America wonders, can Obama (and enterouge) just stay there, or, stay anywhere but here.

From Don Surber’s blog at Daily Mail,
Obama visits Bali on Nov. 19
– by Don Surber, September 1, 2011

(Be sure to read the comments section with the post):

Martha’s Vineyard is OK the first 2 or 3 times you visit. And Hawaii was nice for Christmas, I suppose, but it is not as if President Obama didn’t spend about half his Christmases in Hawaii growing up. And Rio was nice last March, but Michelle missed the Carnivale, didn’t she? Now President Obama may take the Missus with an extra special vacation — er, official trip — planned in November to…

Bali Ha’i may call you,
Any night, any day,
In your heart, you’ll hear it call you:
“Come away. Come away.”

Bali Ha’i will whisper
In the wind of the sea:
“Here am I, your special island!
Come to me, come to me!”

That’s right boys and girls, Obama is headed for Bali!

There is even a special Facebook Page on it. Woo hoo.

Now Hawaii, Rio, Martha’s Vineyard and Bali may sound like a lot of vacationing in on year’s time. But CBS will be quick to point out that Bush spent like 60 days a year vacationing in such exotic locations as Crawford, Texas, and Crawford, Texas, and of course, Crawford, Texas.

( — Continued ).

Note: title reference to “let’s not be L-Sevens” from lyrics to “Wooly Bully” which I think is a better soundtrack than those quoted by Surber (from “South Pacific”) for this Obama-Bali-Vacation. Err, Summit. Roundabout. Getaway. Escape. Excuse to party and golf and powwow with He/They Who Will Not Be Named. Opportunity to pocket more cash and consume more drinks festooned with little umbrellas. The Obamas to go Big Bali Glasses, no squares, it’s going to be more circles by the ounces deep.

I am thinking they’ll be leaving Bo the Dog in the doghouse somewhere in America, if Bo is lucky.

More, from Don Surber’s post:

And Robert Stacy McCain can start a fund to collect the money to go to Bali to report on this historic visit by our historic president, which is not a vacation. Wink wink, nudge nudge.


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