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Foremer President George W. Bush delivered a reverent, eloquent speech earlier today — and it received a standing ovation from the audience — at the Shanksville, PA Flight 93 National Memorial Dedication Ceremony.

GW Bush at Flight 93 Memorial: “Evil Is Real, So Is Courage”
George Bush gave a wonderful speech.
– by Jim Hoft, on, September 10, 2011

George W. Bush spoke this afternoon at the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It was a beautiful speech. One of his best.

Here is video of this wonderful speech.

From his speech today:

On 9-11, “The most lives lost on American soil on a single day since the Battle of Antietam.”

“One of the lessons of 9-11 is that evil is real and so is courage.”

“At the moment American democracy was under attack our citizens defied their captors by holding a vote. The choice they made would cost them their lives. And they knew it. Many passengers called their loved ones to say good-bye. Then hung up to perform their final act.”

“The Flight 93 heroes led the first counter attack in the WAR ON TERROR.”

“The temptation of isolation is deadly wrong.”

Bush receives a standing ovation. Even Bill Clinton and Veep Joe Biden stood up.

Former U.S. president George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush​ bow their heads during ceremonies marking the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attack in Shanksville, Pennsylvania September 10, 2011. (REUTERS/Jason Cohn)

Former President Bush named the terrorists (“Al Queada”) and he thanked God for our nation and our nation’s individual heroes as also their survivors. And concluded his speech with “the United States will never forget…”

And well we will not.


The heroes of Flight 93
A new book offers a detailed account of how passengers ended a 9/11 flight before it crashed into the Capitol
– from, September 9, 2011

ON SEPT. 11, 400 miles from the collapsed World Trade Center towers, three dozen passengers and crew aboard United Flight 93 remained in airborne purgatory. Starting at 9:30 a.m., for some 30 minutes, 14 of them managed to telephone either loved ones or operators on the ground.

Public relations man Mark Bingham got through to his aunt’s home in California. “This is Mark,” he began. “I want to let you guys know that I love you, in case I don’t see you again.” Then, “I’m on United Airlines, Flight 93. It’s being hijacked.” ( — Continued/Read the Whole Thing ).

…Excerpted from the book The Eleventh Day. ©2011 by Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan. Reprinted with permission of Ballantine Books.

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