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Romney Picks Pro-Life Conservatives as Top Judicial Advisors
– by Steven Ertelt,, August 05, 2011

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has assembled a team of pro-life, conservative legal heavyweights to advise him on legal matters — specifically on the right kind of judges he should consider should he become president.

The pro-life bonafides of the legal team are so significant that Romney, who shifted to the pro-life position, could find himself winning over some skeptics who worry about the kind of judges he would appoint if elected.

The co-chairman of the new Romney Justice Advisory Committee is former Appeals Court justice Robert Bork, a prior Supreme Court nominee who is highly-regarded by pro-life and conservative voters for his legal acumen, his steadfastly pro-life, conservative views and because of the way liberals treated him during his failed bid to become a Supreme Court justice. Bork, had he been confirmed, would be one of the justices on the high court ready to consider a case to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that ushered in an era of virtually unlimited abortions.

The second member of the Romney judicial team is Harvard law professor Mary Ann Glendon, a pro-life heroine who is a former ambassador to the Vatican and well-respected by the Catholic community.

Glendon recently defended Romney’s pro-life views in an interview with the National Catholic Register.

“After participating in a searching no-holds-barred conversation among Mitt, his wife, Anne, and a group of pro-life activists in March 2007,” Glendon said, “I was completely convinced of his sincerity on the life issues. The pro-life movement has staked so much on the confidence that people’s minds can be changed that it would be strange to accuse a person of ‘flip-flopping’ when, as in Mitt’s case, his mind and heart have brought him to respect the dignity of human life from conception to natural death.”

The Romney judicial team, according to a Boston Herald report, has 63 members who have signed a pledge to ensure that they will help Romney nominate federal judges “who faithfully adhere to the Constitution’s text, structure, and history and he will carry out the duties of president as a zealous defender of the Constitution.” Although presidential candidates can’t promise to nominate pro-life judges on the basis of the abortion issue alone, the language is the kind of language conservative presidential candidates have used to assure pro-life voters that the kind of judges selected will be ones who will not legislate from the bench as the Supreme Court did in Roe. (— Continued).

Bravo and congratulations to Mitt Romney for these wise and responsible decisions of his as to the talent involved in forming his Judicial Advisory Committee — these newly-added “pro-life Judiciary advisers” now associated with candidate Mitt Romney comprise an excellent, ethical trio who will provide excellent guidance for our next Supreme Court Judiciary nominees and confirmations, after the GOP win on November 06, 2011.

To state the obvious, I hope that this advisory group named by Romney sets the example for the rest of the GOP candidates as to their respective judiciary advisers on similar ethical terms, though at this pace it looks very likely that the GOP nominee (and then President soon after) will be either Mitt Romney or Rick Perry, both organized extremely well as to campaigns for such.

But, is there any doubt just why Obama and the DNC are set on a “destroy Romney” campaign?


UPDATE ADDED: Video, Mitt Romney Launches Counterstrike Against Obama Attacks – Exposing Obama for who he is

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