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I was working on an opinion post after the Iowa Straw Poll this past weekend, as to GOP candidates. Then I read this post by Jay Tea at Wizbang and realized he’d posted what are most closely aligned with my take on the current state of things as can be. Jay Tea offers a realistic roundup of the state of GOP candidates effective this morning, August 15, 2011 — like one candidate or some, all or none, Jay Tea frames the reality of each quite well:

So read this:

Sailing Through The GOP Field
– by Jay Tea at Wizbang, August 15, 2011

The objective for November 06, 2012 is to win the Presidency – and overall to increase the Republican majority in Congress while strengthening those productive Republicans already there while winnowing out the Progressives and Socialists among the Party or not.

Each of the GOP candidates has his or her own liabilities – we’re all human beings with views and values contrary to those held by others and that’s the reality of human civilizations, much moreso as to how we govern ourselves and through whom. My best hope for November 06, 2012 is that we elect the best possible from among a field of, overall, very good candidates.

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