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“But the White House wants to you to know your president is nevertheless running the world from the beach”

Everyone who works for their living merits an annual vacation. Most employers require an employee to be on the job and performing well for at least one year before a paid vacation is offered to them, and from my experience, usually a two-week paid vacation is only available to employees who have been on the job and performing admirably for two years. After three years of successful employment, an employee sometimes is offered more than two weeks paid vacation, depending on the employer.

Those paid vacations are a useful resource for those employed full-time, they contribute to refreshed employees, and, they allow employers to test and evaluate conditions relative to the positions held by the vacating employees.

Where the U.S. Presidency is concerned, most people can easily understand that a higher level of overall stress is present and relative to the job. However, also relative to the Presidency is round-the-clock luxury: residency in a greater-than-five-star-hotel as to the White House complete with abundant servants, entertainment, adulation, personal physicians at the wait-and-ready, private chefs galore, butlers, cosmeticians, florists, maids, drivers, cooks, chefs, servers, all level and types of minders and keepers and assistance imaginable including private travel with even more astute attendants, helpers and keepers…

I can’t imagine that any President leaves his job at the end of the day and goes home (upstairs in the White House) to wash the morning’s breakfast dishes and then to consider how to defrost-what for that evening’s supper, then do a load of laundry and iron clothing so he’ll be dressed appropriately the following day for more work. Or sets his alarm clock or balances his checkbook after not paying the rent or mortgage and car payment and health insurance and utilities because someone else has done all that for him. However, all of these tasks are a necessary and recurring chore for many of us and are all part of maintaining residency well such that one is a reliable employee to their employer.

Stress or not, the U.S. Presidency is well buoyed by luxuries — not only during the daily employment obligations and responsibilities but also around the clock as to residency and personal needs — that the idea of “a vacation” seems redundant to many the rest of us, though vacation they merit, nonetheless, simply by employment standards.

It comes down to what is appropriate to the job and what isn’t and Obama has set a standard for what behavior is inappropriate especially when compared to the dubious if not dreadful productivity level of his as employee — the employment position merits annual vacations but dysfunctional, destructive employees do not.

In Barack Obama’s case, he has taken the idea of “time off” to a new height — time-off or goofing-off, in Obama’s case, it is difficult to evaluate especially since his few years in the White House began and have continued characterized by weekly (if not more often) luxury parties, luxury excursions, luxury tangents tied into “the job” such as claiming to be “making honey beer” from the harvest of bees’ labor from the White House lawn, among other escapades. How anyone has actual hours available weekly or even daily to include such activities while also golfing, jaunting around for cheeseburgers, partying and more vacations is really a puzzle to most people because we are all, afterall, limited by the same daily hours and biological needs of our bodies and minds: we have to sleep sometime for a number of hours, we have to sit down occasionally during each day, we have to clean and dress ourselves and then we have to accomplish the work we’re paid to do.

Less than 24 hours after landing on the shores of Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama is on one of its golf courses…

It’s Obama’s 19th time on the links this year and the 77th outing of his presidency.

So it’s a wonder how Barack Obama has actually accomplished anything that he’s paid to do as an employee beyond being an entertainer while also being entertained in the White House if not globally in his various escapades.

He went for a vacation one month after he was hired to the job — Hawaii, a luxury house on a private beach complete with golfing excursions, staff helpers, minders and keepers galore…

He went on more vacations after a brief time on the job after that, including returning to Hawaii for yet another luxury vacation (with Nancy Pelosi conveniently also in the area for the same pretense at the same time), he’s been to Maine for his $50,000-a-week rental of a farm-vacation-compound and now again he’s back there at the same place for another vacation at the luxury-rate of hugely-expensive (which, it is claimed, he is paying for such vacation housing himself — the Hawaii luxury home excursions remain unclear as to who paid for what). And all this time off, so-called, includes his family members and various hangers-on using taxpayer-funded resources like all that help, all that transportation, all that excess.

All this while the nation that is employing this man is suffering economically and most of that suffering is due to this man’s very poor job performance. So it’s not a bargain nor reasonable for this man in the Presidency to be luxuriating by just about anyone’s standards of what providing a productive job to an employer is about. Obama, not in keeping with such standards, is living large off the employer while appearing conscious of his taking of others’ resources without regard for what he’s providing in return. It’s not an equal exchange especially since Obama as an employee is not providing a beneficial service to the employer (us, the nation who hired and is paying him and his expenses).

It’s not that a President would take a vacation after a year or more on the job that offends most people, it’s that Obama is using the job to abuse the employer and appears to have been mostly involved in and from the workplace — the White House — in luxuriating, entertaining and ego-sporting. He (and his wife) have shown themselves to be presumptuous as to their responsibilities to his employer and the results from their goofing-off in perpetuity appears as the many deteriorating and deteriorated conditions now affecting our nation. Worse, the two Obamas appear to be both aware of their results and to revel in them.

In these times of our rough, challenged economy, the employee (Barack Obama) should be making an effort to display conscientiousness to us, his employer, by behaving frugally, not luxuriously, by showing prudence, not flippancy. Unfortunately, he is persisting — appears to be acting so intentionally despite awareness of his offenses to the nation, his employer — he is persisting in behaving with waste and elaboration in his personal life and on the job. I know of no employee that could ever maintain a position of employment with behavior such as this, except, obviously, a President who is flipping the nation off.

Closing question: doesn’t Barack Obama (and family) ever use that house they own in Chicago? No attachment to the place? No fond memories of the residence as a home they yearn to return to and care for? No vacations from that (actual) home in Chicago?

Obamas Hits the Beach But Continues to Work!
– by Keith Koffler, White House Dossier, August 21, 2011

Time to soak up some of the new books he bought yesterday and some rays. From the pool report #1:

Potus, with a motorcade of approximately two dozen vehicles, buzzed out of Blue Heron Farms in a cloud of dust at 9:48 a.m. for what promises to be a fairly active Sunday.

Despite a flurry of international news — Libya, Egypt-Israel and Iran hikers — we are told Potus plans no public statements “at this point.”

First stop, 9:59 a.m.: Edgartown beach area — driver says it’s called “South Beach” – for a couple of hours worth of sand and surf for Potus, Flotus and the girls. No sight of first family (much less a shirtless Potus) just a gravel cul-de-sac off of Pohoganot Rd and idling bus for pool.

But the White House wants to you to know your president is nevertheless running the world from the beach. (— Continued).

The above graphic is from 2008, prior to Barack Obama winning the Presidential election in November of that year; in that campaign, Obama performed speeches well many times in which he spoke elaborately about how he wouldn’t change Medicare, that the current system at that time would remain should he be elected, that he’d “protect Medicare.” I knew he was lying and thus, the graphic above, which today is even more appropriate, what with my instincts from 2008 having since been substantiated by Obama’s actions later.


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…and just a few days earlier, she flew to Oregon — with her mother, daughters and family friends in tow at taxpayer expense — to “visit her brother”…

Mrs. Obama’s South Africa Trip Cost Taxpayers Over $500,000
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