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“The American people are sold,” President Obama said.

“The American people are sold, I just want to repeat that.”

The unexplained details to such declarations by Barack Obama yesterday in his latest press conference of July 15, 2011, the unexplained details are: sold to whom and for what price?

Obama continued preposterously, “Eighty-percent of the American people support (tax hikes).”

“The bottom line is, this is not an issue of salesmanship to the American people. The American people are sold,” Obama said. “You have 80 percent of the American people who support a balanced approach. Eighty percent of the American people support an approach that includes revenues and cuts.

Some polls do indeed show that even many Republicans say tax increases should be a part of any deal, but it’s not quite so simple as the president would like it to be.

First, though, a look at the poll the president was referring to (and be sure to check out our polling wrap-up).

A Gallup poll this week showed that just 20 percent of Americans – including 26 percent of Republicans – say the deficit should be reduced solely through spending cuts. This leaves 80 percent of all Americans who don’t rule out tax increases. (Important note: Some were undecided and 4 percent said only to use tax increases, so the actual number who support using both spending cuts and tax increases is actually less than 70 percent.)

Quinnipiac University put those ruling out tax increases at 25 percent overall, including 48 percent of Republicans — much worse numbers for Obama’s argument. But for our argument’s sake, we’ll use the numbers more favorable to Obama.

A look at that 80 percent number is really a mixed bag.

Nearly one-third of people (30 percent) say they want a deal that is mostly spending cuts with some tax increases, while another 32 percent say the plan should be balanced equally between tax increases and spending cuts. Only 11 percent say the deal should be mostly or solely tax increases.

So saying that 80 percent of Americans support a “balanced approach” may be over-stating things. The Gallup poll actually shows 50 percent of Americans say either no tax increases or that tax increases should be the smaller part of the package.

Drilling down on exactly what kind of tax increases are fine with that 30 percent is the next problem. While some Republicans may be open to repealing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy – which would result in a major change – others may be referring to tax loopholes that would have a much smaller effect.

Getting all Republicans to agree to specific tax hikes is a tall order, and the polling can’t tell the complete story about where Republican voters stand on the issue.

But even that misses the point a little bit.

The stated reason that Republicans are resisting tax increases is not that they are broadly unpopular with the American people; it’s because they say the tax increases would harm the economy. Many of these Republicans have also signed pledges promising not to raise taxes — a fact that Obama lamented in the press conference. (— Continued).

Polls don’t evidence nor support Obama’s declaration about these phantom-80% “of Americans”. The moment of that boast by Obama before a room full of journalists was by instinct somewhat breathless: no one asked, no one challenged, it was as if Obama’s words were so absurd and irrational as to take the air out of the room and all of us in the media audience in general who were listening in. Especially since this latest “irregular statement” by Obama comes but days after his earlier one of similar irregularity: that means he lied before the public just days earlier when he stated to NBC, about Social Security payments for August, that he “”couldn’t guarantee that those checks will go out on August 3rd.” A statement utterly unfounded in reality since the nation has more than enough money to pay monthly entitlements and more with a lot left over.

And that earlier lie — was that a threat to the public, was that said to alarm needlessly for Obama’s sense of ego if he doesn’t get what he wants (implying he’ll interrupt the payments to millions of American seniors, veterans, veterans’ dependents and survivors and the disabled among those). A responsible person considers just why any President (or anyone in government) would make such an implied threat: either they’re grossly misinformed or they’re grotesquely irresponsible. That would mean any President speaking thusly just might be a monster, cruel beyond words to and about the people he has been elected to serve.

“Eighty-percent of the American people want tax hikes,” he repeated. Perhaps he was referring to eight out of ten of the fan-letters he received the day before who “want tax hikes” but the American people by majority do not and they’ve made that opinion quite clear.

Obama’s overall performance yesterday seemed aimed at threatening the nation as him also attempting to alter the damage he did to himself (and the nation) the day before when he, in a display of incompetent temper, walked out of the debt-ceiling talks with members of Congress, declaring it was “enough”.

But lying as he did yesterday, it was disrespectful to the Office of the Presidency, it was insulting to the nation’s population, it was an indication of a man either irrational and out of touch with reality or a man intentionally and flamboyantly lying to the public for whatever self-satisfying and manipulative goal prompted such a lie.

What does our nation do when an individual is in the Presidency and is mentally ill as that, and/or as ethically corrupt as that? Who steps in, how does the nation intervene?

The grim facts are, Obama’s “eighty-percent of the American people want tax hikes” is now added to the growing warehouse of Obama’s lies. But since our nation’s very livelihood and economic survival (and, thus, survival itself) is at stake with the current issue of the debt-ceiling, taxes, unemployment and much more, Obama’s lies can’t be stored away in curiosity as so many of the previous lies of his have been.

Perhaps he lied about the phantom-80%-of-Americans because he is grandiose enough in his own mind to assume that a majority of “his” voters will believe him and be coerced into again following-along: “if it’s so popular, if he says it, well, then, I’ll want it, too.” Perhaps it was Obama lying to entice just enough gullible ‘followers’ as to disregard any negative reaction from the informed population who find his Easy Lying terribly concerning. Perhaps Obama just enjoys scaring the sane. He certainly appears to find reward in threatening the taxpayers if not the general population of these United States of America.


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