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I do intend to update this site and soon but have been occupied with other tasks and reconsidering a great deal as to my use of the internet. That means I’ve been regrouping in the past weeks if not longer (months now, with intermittent updates getting farther and farther apart) but not due to anything negative, only due to need to devote more time to other things other than commenting.

I am more than likely going to change the site design here but that’s not — at all — the cause of infrequent updating, just another point to share.

To all who continue to visit while this site of late lies fallow, I thank you. I’ll get up-to-speed again soon with more frequent posts and in the meantime, enjoy the older content of this site because I find it still relevant, as my old graphics, also, refuse to age — or, rather, that the conditions and complaints refuse to improve about which the graphics were created in times past (thus, continue to be relevant in most cases).

UPDATE (06/22/11) – Thanks to the readers who sent kind email complimenting my posts, saying they are missed. I have a lot to write about but have simply needed in the recent months to concentrate on other things, especially since this site is entirely funded and managed by me and even the site administration requires more time than it takes to update the site – sometimes I reach overload with internet issues and need to attend to other things and thus, I stop updating to do so.

REMINDER TO READERS: if you want to comment on this site, please register a user account (registration is open at this time) – no phony-email addresses accepted, however.

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