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This site is still active, though has been — in several recent months — not updated as often as could or should be. However, readers should please anticipate more updates soon, coming this weekend.

Thanks for all who continue to visit here when the site is on pause for a week or more.

Oh, and have a happy National Donut Day, which I heard this morning on Fox and Friends is June 03, today and every year on this date.

This is the first year of my life after a relatively long life so far that I’ve heard of such a magnanimous national commemoration of the seductive treats.

Unlike millions, I don’t care for Krispy Kremes and therefore, have no plans today (or otherwise) to eat any of those, but I do like Buttermilk Donuts and just may go buy a box of these ready-made, delicious beauties by Entenmann’s…difficult, once the idea of celebrating donuts is introduced, not to eat at least one.

And, let me not overlook the wide variety of dainties from Dunkin’ Donuts, long may they rule. I am grateful that no Dunkin’ Donuts is within walking and driving distance of my place. But I do know where to find some of those Entenmann’s nearby, so there’s that.

As for original and/or “homemade” donuts, the finest I have ever consumed anywhere across this land of ours are those made fresh, available every morning of the week at around four a.m. and sold out by about two hours later, from a truck stop just off the 5 Fwy on Camino Capistrano, just inland from where it becomes Doheny Park Road, in San Juan Capistrano, and just inland from the Pacific Coast Highway intersection of the 5 Fwy. Made daily, fresh, homemade, original, delicious, tasty as can be and I’ll spare readers the long story about how I found them in this nondescript truckstop nearly hidden from view set beside the busy freeway: one has to know what one is looking for to find it and from the popularity of their donuts — sold out every day early — many a driver searches the place out for just such a treat.

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