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Barack Obama’s Press Conference yesterday was a tantrum, including many an attempt to leverage (“hijack, blackmail” chose) grave issues by threatening to enable or disable other grave issues, combined with falsehoods. It was sad, sad, sad to witness.

The following post from National Review addresses Obama’s petulant, vain and self-centered emotional display…

The President’s Peculiar Press Conference
– by Yuval Levin at National Review
June 30, 2011

…while this post identifies and addresses many of Obama’s equally abnormal statements made during that tantrum-press-conference, among the most offensive dodges by Obama being his refusal to address questions regarding the ATF’s treasonous boondoggle called operation “Fast and Furious”:

Obama dodges ATF question
– by Neil Munro at The Daily Caller,
June 29, 2011

And downright (and far more) weird was Obama’s numerous referrals to “jets” and “tax breaks for jets” and again, “jets”. Either the teleprompter blacked-out or otherwise didn’t fire correctly or Obama was stuck in some obsessive-point about which Obama was feeling frenzy: “jets” and the people who own, rent, fly, manufacture, service, staff, fuel, buy and sell, insure, store, haul, repair and otherwise are associated with the jet industry by use or production, as it associates with the economy really appears to be a big bug in Obama’s cap.

The tax breaks Obama seems obsessed with and to whom they were granted were aided and amended by Obama’s very Stimulus (“shovel ready!”) boondoggle. But now he’s angry about other people using “jets” — with not more taxes paid, or something — while he flies his dog with handler to and from the family vacations on a separate “jet” from his jet and that jet the family and employs jet around in, not to mention the wife’s and tag-alongs’ jetting around the globe and Obama’s frenetic jetting to-from-all-about. It seems that privately owned and used jets cause him jealous unhappiness while his wasteful jetting and that by others using taxpayer-funds is fine and fun…all except those private jets his donors, sports figures who he’s fans of and who make for nice parties and publicity photos, those jets, they’re O.K. Perhaps Barack Obama should forgo the martinis at lunchtime, if not before speaking to the public, if not entirely.

This article noticed the absence of the cool-factor, too:

Barack Obama, tough guy
– by David Jackson, USA TODAY
June 30, 2011

Mr. Cool got pretty hot yesterday…

Asked about E-Verify, he became immediately critical (if not sweaty, certainly visibly nervous and annoyed) and lapsed into pushing amnesty for illegal aliens by various phrases and plans: pushed the Dream Act, rationalized national security as affected by illegal aliens as being the basis upon which amnesty for illegal aliens is “necessary”…it was a display by Obama in illogic, though he attempted to recover that issue farther on in his non-answer to the E-Verify question by posing as caring about that program and the program’s function (which attempt by Obama didn’t make a recovery-impact to his belabored if not cowardly avoidance of the original question).

He used his two daughters — who he referred to several times by name and age (and incorrectly by age) — in their handling of their homework as an example of why the nation should go further into debt (“raise the debt ceiling” which is what Obama wants and seems extremely annoyed about that he isn’t getting). So, O.K., his daughters do their homework, so, hey Congress, raise the debt ceiling, spend more money.

He ridiculed Congress for not raising the debt ceiling while he and his own political party in Congress, the Democrats, have never presented any budget that could pass Congress — Obama’s budget that added debt to the nation got one vote from the Democrats in Congress and none from the GOP. He claims he’s “there” (at work, in the White House, “working”) while alluding wrongly to the Congress as not being “there” (not raising the debt ceiling, in Obama’s failed, non-credible logic, means the Congress isn’t “working” at their respective jobs while, in comparison, he’s the example of someone doing so while his many vacations and often daily golf excursions deny that claim). He attempted to ridicule Congress, specifically, Republicans in Congress who oppose raising the debt ceiling (which the majority of Americans also oppose raising), by saying with condescension, that legislators should “stop playing games” and then left to meet and greet and ruminate with sports figures on the White House lawn. Later, he played more golf. Busy, busy, workin’, busy!

His tantrum yesterday was a bizarre display of a grown man both irrational at times and certainly petulent in reference to adult responsibilities. Mentioned here in this post are but a few among so many offensive, illogical, arm-twising attempts and condescending tantrum-level implied threats by Barack Obama yesterday.

What I *got* from that tantrum by Barack Obama from yesterday is that he’s annoyed with the United States of America, his sympathies and his wants he assigns to nations and peoples not of the United States and he’s a bitter person in reference to the U.S.A. and our government. I could ask — uselessly at this date — who actually voted this petulent actor in the short pants to the Presidency, but the actual question today is, why is he asking for re-election?


Great discussion taking place today (video) in Congress by several Republicans, really worth listening to (if accessed later, try Senator David Vitter and/or Senator Jeff Sessions search or debt-ceiling with today’s date) — Sessions is the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee so I am sure these speeches from the Senate floor today, covered by C-SPAN, can be located later via his website and others.


Presidential Press Conference, June 29, 2011, includes Transcript and Video.


28 Hours Later:
Drudge Report headlines, June 30, 2011…

GOP invites Obama to Capitol to discuss debt…

WH: ‘Not a conversation worth having’…

But will meet with Dems?

And will host ‘townhall’ to Twitter about economy…

‘Best way to get appointment with president is to set up tee time’…

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