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The choking-up yesterday in the Monday press conference was Anthony Weiner being sorry for himself: caught in his intense lying to the public last week and exposed being an insipid jerk sending x-rated and other suggestive photos of himself to females on the internet, engaging in “phone sex” with some of them if not others and then presented with the option of him being fully exposed should Andrew Breitbart release an even more graphic photo of himself not already made public, Weiner went before the public yesterday and offered an admission of guilt for his pathetic acts. His emotional difficulties during part of his performance struck me only as a man having difficulties being identified as a jerk, and jerk he is, but not remorseful for being a jerk, though jerk he is.

The as-yet unreleased photo that Breitbart says he has in his position (“ready.JPG”) — most of us adults can well imagine what is depicted in that photo, not because we have interest in seeing Weiner’s privates but because it’s easy to assume that whatever is depicted in it that could so motivate Weiner to admit his actions to the public due to fear of that photo being made public — is said by Breitbart to be withheld by Breitbart out of respect for Weiner’s family.

Apparently, the mere idea that this as-yet unreleased photo could be available for others to view motivated Weiner to admit that he’s been lying up until now in denying his loathesome, creepy, sexually predatory actions. The man lied his way into a desperate corner and now he looks even more crumby for the lies he’s been telling about his crazed sexual confusions if not abuses.

The media otherwise — Leftwing, generally — has been silent on this mess up until this weekend and yesterday’s press conference, attempting desperately to blame “the Right” and/or Breitbart for some sort of arch-conspiracy directed at Weiner, with Weiner up until yesterday claiming the photos of a man’s aroused sexual organs covered only by grey underwear, among other body-shots of a male, were the acts of his various internet accounts having been “hacked.” Weiner and other Leftwingers — on the internet, their locations easy to guess — have been pushing these lies, Weiner most acerbically and spitefully with insults galore as to anyone who questioned him and his mysterious — and usefully vague — tales continued last week.

Meanwhile, the site used to host Weiner’s cruddy photos report that “there’s been no compromise” to Weiner’s accounts (meaning, his account/s were used to upload the photos that were later dispersed) and traffic stats substantiate that.

It seems that pressure from reality finally got to Weiner, closed in on him and his weird, deceitful tales of hacking, and the knowledge that many more female who he targeted were available with their stories of contact from Weiner emerged, along with more photos to include the as-yet unreleased one held by Breitbart finally pushed Weiner before the media to admit his caustic, cruddy deceits and sexually disturbing behaviors.

Once again, yet again, what we the American voters have to contend with is deranged behavior — amoral behavior, all-told, by Weiner — by people elected to Congress. Weiner’s behaviors in media are utterly unacceptable — nor excusable as “personal issues” especially since he is a member of Congress and his lewd acts are not merely “personal” nor at all private what with his reckless and cavalier use of the internet for sexual purposes — but his lie-campaign to denounce anyone but himself up until yesterday just sinks whatever float his little amoral raft may have still been sloshing.

So today, Weiner is being asked to resign by House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor. Weiner says he isn’t going to resign.

Nancy Pelosi, his party’s big wig (Democratic Party, Minority Whip in House of Representatives) is “calling for an ethics probe” and based upon previous “ethics probes” by the Democrats in Congress, most adults, again, can reasonably conclude just where that’ll go: nowhere.

How anyone could ever rely on Anthony Weiner to be telling the truth, reporting anything with accuracy and legitimacy, is beyond my knowledge. His lying about his rotten behaviors is parallel in rotten aspect to the sexual predation and irrational denial and invasion of personal boundaries of others (and his own), such that whatever it is that besets this man should be left to medical professionals to work through with him, but Weiner should not have access nor influence any longer over the public’s well being and our nation’s management. As in, never: not now, no longer, not ever again.


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