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Read the whole thing. Please.

Is Obama a Serial Liar?
– by Nancy Morgan, American Thinker
May 09, 2011

Worse, there’s far more than this post by Ms. Morgan identifies. So my conclusion is, yes, yes he is.

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  1. Kini says:

    I read this today, and it is, by far, the most comprehensive analysis of who Obama is.

    What is true, is that Obama has delegated the heavy lifting to Nazi Pelosi and Harry Reid. While taking credit from everything including splattering Usama’s grey matter.

    Before that, he’s given countless speeches, interviews, and statements, that have either contradicted, exaggerated, or have flat out lied, about his policies.

    The scary part, there are many people that still drink this kool aid.

  2. -S- says:

    There are only a few conditions that explain Obama’s serial lying (and that he is engaged in serial lying has been proven, abundantly):

    (01.) he’s either mentally ill, suffering some sort of delusions of a profound nature; or

    (02.) he’s intentionally manipulating (by lying) the world’s populations, especially ours.

    I think it takes a mentally deranged mind (01.) to behave as (02.) (and/or, in any combination of those two) — if he’s intentionally misleading the U.S., his motives are cryptic, evil. If he’s out of touch with reality to such an extent that misleading others (via serial lying) is not something he is aware of and thus, can’t control, then he’s incompetent to any job, especially the Presidency.

    Explanation (01.) would mean that Obama is, literally, just saying whatever he fancies whenever, for, most likely in my view, his own irresponsible entertainment: to self-satisfy to such a degree that he disregards profound, negative consequences of his actions and persists in doing so without capacity or intent to self-regulate and then to discover the reasons why his behavior (and thinking, character) is manifested so dreadfully. One could say that people suffering delusions simply act innocently without understanding of what harms they do, but this doesn’t excuse or offer acceptability to what they’re doing, and their state of mind is a big, big problem to all humans affected by their cavalier (but deranged) manifestations. “Harms to humanity by a million irrational instructions.”

    Condition (02.) would mean there’s an arch-criminal using the office of the Presidency for-to-wage grotesque wrongs upon our population and others who our population influences while the arch-criminal is responsible and continues his criminality. “Harms to humanity by a million intentional jabs.”

    I write this in all seriousness, aside from political differences. Because I think what we’re seeing in the Presidency today is someone who is engaged in both (1.) and (2.) and it places all of us — of any, all political parties — at grave risk, to state the obvious.