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Is the ink dry? “Barack Hussein Obama” has had over three, perhaps four years to get this thing ready and today, here it is: this document he claims contains something that “would be embarrassing to some people,” so, just what is that, if this document is the real thing, that thing that “would be embarrassing to some people” — what Mr. Obama said about “it” three years ago while campaigning, should he ever release “it”.

One thing it does, it shows that Obama, the White House, liberals, the DNC and the media are all liars – the COLB was not the birth certificate, even though they all tried to pretend it was.

Why the three year wait for this thing, the lawsuits, the waste of time and resources by Obama for such a disappointing whatever-this-thing-is? And what were those tales he’s been telling about “it” such that there was some “embarrassing” thing about “it” that he was sparing the public from being “embarrassed” about by not releasing it?

Here’s the gritty reality about this wasteful, selfish man: not releasing his (alleged) “Birth Certificate” has proved worthwhile to him by allowing his and the Left’s (and many a Progressive’s among the GOP) ridicule of the issue — “Obama’s Birth Certificate”. So, he’s refused to release the document all these years because diminishing, denigrating Americans was of value to him: what an ugly man this guy is.

With polls out this week revealing a growing majority of Americans questioning Barack Obama as to his birth circumstances — that means, Obama’s “popularity” was suffering and rightly so because he would not provide a Birth Certificate to the public — it’s now more keen to his idea of popularity to release “it”. Self-serving, selfish to the end…

However, I doubt what he’s released is credible, I really do. But one issue, Line 18a: shadows of markings and scratched-out boxes as to the role of “Stanley Ann Dunham” as — “other” and not parent, then parent and not “other”.

There are a myriad of other questions about this image available today, at this rate, who can tell. His Constitutional eligibility to the Presidency remains the concern — which concern he utterly refuses to address as does Congress, unfortunately but it is not due to any consistency with the Constitution itself that they do; he’s not “natural born” as a citizen if this “document” of today, even if it is, credible: his father as declared wasn’t a U.S. citizen at the time of his birth. Until or unless the definition of what and who a “natural born citizen” is is declared by the Supreme Court, the current Progressive/Liberal distortion in demanding that it means “born in the U.S.A.” continue to be allowed, even against a wealth of legal documents that declare otherwise.

While the entire assertion by the Constitution that there is, indeed, a more profound requirement, an additional one — being both born here AND being “natural born” — is being ignored with the current Administration and by the current Congress.

Obama’s credibility is suffering. His ego is suffering. His documentation is certainly shaky, so call that suffering, too. At this rate, nothing that he “suddenly releases” after years of being asked to do so can or will ever be acceptable because his credibility is dubious.

And what about that “birth certificate” Obama wrote about — if he even wrote the two books accredited to him, and even that remains a question — that document Obama claims in one of his books to have “found” in his Grandmother’s residence in Hawaii years earlier? What happened to that “birth certificate” from years ago? Why wasn’t that one sufficient to show the public?

I think what he’s shown today as to his alleged birth certificate is a tossed-together something reproduced from a part of something else. It suggests that there’s a lot more missing than there is shown (no footprints, no body measurements of the newborn, for starters), as also Obama’s earlier stories about fearing to release his “birth certificate” due to something “embarrassing” on it.

Obama’s press conference today, in which he again ridiculed the public’s requests to view his Birth Certificate, also captured him ridiculing the issue itself: “distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers” as to the issue, “(he’s) got better stuff to do” than establish his identity…

Excuse me, Mr. Obama, but who it is who has command of our nation’s armed forces, including our nuclear arsenal and the use of it, is important to me above nearly all things I can think of in regards the Executive Branch. Consider me a citizen and voter who wants to know just who it is who is in the White House, making deals with who all over the world, spending, redistributing, obligating, indebting, carousing and whatever else. That Mr. Obama considers this identity issue a “carnival” and of unimportance compared with other issues is an indication of just how irresponsible Mr. Obama is.

These past two years, this man has had ample time to accomplish (“take care of”) “better stuff” and suggests he hasn’t because of these requests for his Birth Certificate? He’s been devoting any working hours in the past two years to obtaining a copy of his Birth Certificate such that he’s claiming today that he’s released it? It surely must be the Most Special Birth Certificate the world has ever known to have taken such time and resources that it would require all this time and attention to produce it.

“We do not have time for this kind of silliness,” Mr. Obama continued during today’s press conference. And so he concluded today’s dose of condescending slurs about the public’s need to know. And off he left to involve himself in “better stuff” with another televised appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Talk Show. Carnival atmosphere, indeed.


Obama has ‘better stuff’ to do than birth certificate ‘sideshows’


RealClearPolitics – Video – Trump Takes Credit For Obama Releasing A Birth Certificate

“I’m taking great credit and you have to ask the president, ‘why didn’t he do this a long time ago? Why didn’t he do it a long time ago?’ When Hillary Clinton was asking, when everybody was asking, why didn’t he do it? It’s shocking. It’s shocking,” Donald Trump said at a press conference this morning on President Obama’s birth certificate.

RealClearPolitics – Video – Limbaugh: Trump Has Shown He Can Connect With Average Voters

“Trump does not eat crow, he eats other people’s lunches,” Rush Limbaugh said on his show this afternoon.


‘Obama blinked. Now game begins’
Author suggests disputed presidency won’t survive publication of book’s information
– by WorldNetDaily, April 27, 2011

After this morning’s surprise release by the White House of what it claims is Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate, an author (Jerome Corsi, PhD.) challenging Obama’s legal eligibility to be president – whose upcoming book has become a No. 1 bestseller a month before its release – summarizes his response to the day’s events in two words: “Obama blinked.”


“Public pressure finally forced Obama to do what he did today. Now the game begins,” said Corsi. “Nixon thought he could stop the Watergate scandal from unfolding by releasing a few tapes. All that did was fuel the fire.”

Suggesting that Obama’s presidency will not survive the revelations contained in his book – which goes beyond the birth certificate controversy to definitively document the multiple legal problems with Obama being a U.S. president – Corsi said, simply, “When people read the book, they will see that Obama is not eligible to be president.”

Moreover, said the author, today’s White House action raises more questions than it answers: “Obama spent a fortune on attorneys to block release of this document. Why? The same attorneys are still blocking release of many other vital documents – his school, medical, passport and other documents routinely released by all presidents, but steadfastly hidden by Obama. Will he now release those as well?”

Also, he asked, why did Obama withhold the birth document that had been legally requested by an Army doctor, Terrence Lakin, but instead watch him be court-martialed and imprisoned over the issue? (— Continued).

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