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And it is Barack Obama’s budget madness that is shared by the rest of the Democrats as to the current Economic Crises our nation is experiencing.

Many of us wrote about Barack Obama’s employment history before he was elected to the Presidency and what was exposed — and ignored by the Left who floated the fellow into the White House despite his “compromised abilities” — what was exposed in reality about this individual is that he lacked not only executive experience but just about any experience other than hustling: hustle “community,” hustle the resume (“exaggerated it”), hustle the audiences (“big booming voice, grandiose words but entirely read from script, incapable of stringing much cogency together without a prepared script”), dubious if not entirely unsubstantiated life stories (prose accepted without hesitation or academic inquiry, might just as well have been marketing copy for a new commodity and likely it was)…

What many of us shared about “Barack Obama” whenever we could prior to his election was not only cast aside by the sort of tsunami-of-fanfare about this individual (or who it was assumed he was), but what some of us shared was ridiculed and most of us doing the sharing largely harassed (by both the Left AND, unfortunately, the Right who were working the McCain-loss).

So here our nation has this mess called the Obama Administration and the equally messy Democrat Congress. They were expected to represent this country but instead they represent the ruin of this country at the cost of the country itself, themselves apparently to ride some raft while the place and the rest of us are washed away. Their doings have been and continues to be destructive to the nation while their lofty self-serving statements attempt to kick their untrustworthy craft along on some tide that everyone else recognizes as the spillage from an uninviting pool.

The nation’s budget? This morning Congressman Charles Rangel was heard to be saying, when questioned about why the Democrats had not established a budget in the years past when they held a majority in Congress — certainly they had the White House since January 2009 (“ready to rule,” said Valerie Jarret, “from day one”) — and Rangel then referred calmly, without display of concern or seriousness, that “the budget is just a guideline…” Rangel implied that to the Democrats, a budget wasn’t a concern, “just a guideline”: not a big deal, ATM cards available to all, balance not an issue or who pays for it, after all…

Our national defense? Our military unpaid when no budget is agreed upon? Not a concern, apparently, worth not passing a budget for when the Democrats want to continue public funding for abortions, for the NEA, for media-as-propaganda-for-their-party (if media should succeed, succeed on it’s own merits by it’s own financing; same goes for the other “wants” by the Left that demand taxpayer money at the cost of so many more and far more serious issues like military salaries, national security and defense, preservation of Medicare and Social Security, to name but a few).

All specifics aside, one of Barack Obama’s more recent disrespectful snarks was this one when questioned about the rising and high cost of gas: Obama responded, “buy a new car.”

Obama: Don’t like gas prices? Just buy a new car!
– by DrJohn, Flopping Aces, April 08, 2011

“Out of touch with reality” hardly begins to touch the surface of the failing raft that is Barack Obama’s and the Left’s appreciation for our nation. That Obama is so flippant but eager to sell his donors’ wares to our nation at the cost of their economic survival is downright despicable by an utterly incompetent or misguided and treacherous guy in the White House. Or both.

I have to ask, at this point: does Barack Obama represent a process targeting the destruction of our nation? His dedication to abortion (“the most pro-abortion candidate ever” as identified in 2008, also ignored by many) at the great cost to human life (ignored also), so many guises in use of the White House already exposed and already ignored by whoever it is was who voted for him in 2008 and whoever it is who continues to support him, payouts to Marxist-Communist organizations bent on destroying Capitalism and establishing God-knows-what to their satisfaction reliant on federal control of industry, media, the very food we eat…

Instead of “restoring America’s popularity in the world” as he was touted as bound to do in 2008, Obama has destroyed relationships with friendly cultures, serviced those who hate us and made U.S. taxpayer dollars in the billions available to those who have sworn to eradicate who we are and why, as a nation and as a people.

What our nation is faced with today is beyond political range, it is an indication from the Left and certainly by Barack Obama that they are not to be trusted to lead our nation, while they pursue the enlargement of their drowning pool.


Ryan: Budget Fights Moral Decline as ‘Dependency and Passivity’ Weaken the Country
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      Every.single.time I hear Obama speak, I think of that character and vice-versa.

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