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To what country is she referring in these remarks of hers from a self-promoting, vanity (“re-elect me”) appearance on THE VIEW today.

It seems like only yesterday — actually, it was in 2008 — that she boasted, “for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.”

Any guesses just what country she wants to “embrace” while then wanting to “get out (as much as she can)”?

She’s “proud” of, what, the U.S.A.? Is THAT the country to which she refers, then and now? She’s never before been “proud” of the U.S. until being favored for the White House? So much so that she “loves to get out” of the U.S. as often as she “can”.

I am quite amazed at this person’s inability to string constructive statements together except when she is denigrating this nation. And quite amazed she has been granted a law degree that The-Shadow-only-knows how or why, amazed at her ongoing, absurdly uncloaked statements aimed at diminishing the U.S.A. with exceptions rendered by her to those who make themselves usable to her Karl Marx anti-capitalism notions. Twenty years dwelling in the Jeremiah Wright Black Nationalism racialist goo and this is the result: people only proud when their vanity is stroked, absent any genuine humility of affection or loyalty otherwise, particularly to a nation that has boosted an undeserving, resentful individual into areas about which she lacks respect.

“We…have to remember who we are…” so she likes to “get out as much as (she) can”…what does that even mean? Her choice of action is to leave (I’m assuming) this country because she…uhhh…wants to “embrace” it and “loves” it? While we “have to remember who we are”? Too many martinis, lobster, party tables and gardeners about can sure confuse an already overinflated, resentful head, no doubt about it.

It’s about her. Her travels, her “get(ting) out as much as (she) can,”. She wants to “embrace” all the little Americans, us, the Americans who she reminds are in need of doing better (“remember” because, well, we forgot somewhere in time what, who, we, so deficit-laden, we puny Americans with our country she’s never been proud of before the giant stage was offered to her — and just you forget that luxury education she received beforehand with her self-stated “bad test scores,” that very education from the very school she ridiculed for admitting her).

Here is Michelle Obama, giving the New Low Kind of Usery a new, lower level, and in a largely, absurdly, nonsensical statement:

Michelle Obama: “I Want To Embrace The Country That I Love”
(VIDEO) Real Clear Politics, April 18, 2011

“What we have to do in this country is remember who we are and that’s the reason why I like to travel and to get out because, look no matter what people say, when they see you. They’re excited and they’re proud and you know, everybody, everybody has their detractors and that’s part of what the political process is all about,” First Lady Michelle Obama said on ABC’s “The View” today.

“I want to embrace the country that I love. The country that I know is positive and fair and there’s so much of that out there, that’s it very easy to kind of push the other stuff aside and not take it in. It’s easier than you’d imagine,” Michelle Obama said.

I’d like to encourage this gruesome person to go ahead, “get out” as much as she can, please: go.

Michelle Obama: First Time proud of USA, 2008

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  1. Kini says:

    Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing.

    Lady of Spain I adore thee…. or is it Brazil?

  2. -S- says:

    Yeah, Communist/Marxists do tend to flock together, don’t they?

    and, while I am never eager to, nor proud of, linking to Politico, here’s one of their propaganda pieces trying to make Obama/Michelle’s/Marxist-Partying-in-Brazil-while-America-burns-floods-or-is-blown-away-by-tornadoes into something constructive: