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Valerie Jarrett: Obama Not Releasing College Records

“He’s almost 50 years old and he’s president of the United States and I don’t think anybody would debate his intelligence and so now we need to get serious … let’s just get serious and get back to focusing on what’s important,” senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett said on The Joe Madison Show this morning.

The Laughing Communist Dictator-ess (“ready to rule from day-one,” she proclaimed in November 2008 – (ref.: “‘READY TO RULE’ MEANS ‘UNFIT TO LEAD’“) and today LOLs the issues away: she’s serious, he’s smart, the guy is smart, he went to Harvard, LOL, so get serious and stop asking questions, LOL! Bizzybizzybizzy.

(Note: she’s also Ageist.)

Enrollment in Harvard is no sure-fire proof, in and of itself, of anyone’s character, nor of anyone being more ‘smart’ than others. Harvard — all Ivy League institutions — are well known to admit legacy students of whose bills are assured to be paid, either by Harvard itself, or alumnus/alumni or their own resources. In Obama’s case, since no academic record is available beyond his attendance while a child in Indonesia, there is no way to determine that he’s “intelligent” or that he isn’t, there’s only an assumption by Valerie Jarrett that she thinks Obama’s “smart” because…well, she thinks he’s smart and is “old”…

Obama’s admitted that he wasn’t a good student, his admission to Harvard Law after Columbia (also a big blank area among his dubious information stream) was almost surely due to some combination of legacy-student persona and someone assuring Harvard that the guy would be useful to socio-political interests and that someone was paying and would continue to pay his bills.

His academic records are an aspect of who the guy is, as to Barack Obama. Whether or not he experienced academic discipline, was “assisted” along with special-helps as to how grades were assigned, just what he accomplished while a student (at Occidental College, then Columbia University so he claims, then inexplicably Harvard Law after declaring himself having been a poor academic). There’s also a rumble as to whether or not Barack Obama received financial aid as “a foreign student” — if he claimed that he was such during his academic enrollments (at Harvard Law and elsewhere). If so, that’d be another one in Obama’s Lying Train. Not releasing his academic records is a way to continue to conceal such.

Valerie Jarrett — Obama doesn’t even respect the American public adequately to make this announcement himself — declares that his “college record won’t be released”.

The announcement answers the questions.

Oh, and he’s “nearly fifty years old” so that settles it: can’t question a fifty-year old, nope, no way, can’t do it.

Allow me to reprint some intelligent commenting by an intelligent American. Who may or may not have gone to Harvard — assuming nothing about anyone except that the comments represent sincerity from a serious citizen. Who, almost certainly, like just about everyone in the U.S.A. and other developed countries, has to present an academic record when applying for any respectable job. Except to Communists such as Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama, apparently, who simply need to be “connected” …or so these two and their associates assume.

By “Autoamerican” – April 28, 2011

I have about had it up to HERE with people telling me how “smart” and “intelligent” this president is.

No way is this guy “brilliant” — not even close. Take away his teleprompter and he’s a stammering fool. When reading the teleprompter, he’s a pompous sass who makes a complete idiot of himself reading it verbatim, doing the headfan routine with his whistling s’s and pedantic, annoying, up-and-down, preacher-style cadence. Of course, when he’s giving speeches to his union buddies or the like, he drops the pedantic style and drops his g’s, and adopts a smirk as he sneers about the opposition.

This country has never been more divided, and it’s nearly 100% because of President “I Won,” aided and abetted by the media, who carry his water every step of the way. This guy has played more golf in two months than GWB did in eight years. Let’s put him to pasture in 2012 so he can do what he really longs to do — jet-set around the world giving hot-air speeches, disparaging America to adoring crowds of non-Americans, and bowing to Middle East leaders like a TRAINED FLEA.

We need a mature adult in charge…someone with management skills and leadership abilities, someone not afraid to reform government and make some hard choices. Someone with relevant, real-life experiences who loves this country and the troops who protect it, and who does not want to further divide us but instead looks for ways to unite us. Sarah Palin is starting to look pretty good right about now.

NObama 2012. Yes we will.

Mr. Intelligent is indecent, with ease:

“…when you see folks waving tea bags around…

So much for an intelligence behind the microphone from within the Presidency at present. The man can’t be intelligent even when he acts like he is, despite the elaborate, over-decorated scripted prose. There he is in one of his many appearances in which he blithely slurs the American people, and laughs about it: Communism, he has it, “LOL!!”.

But a few of the reports on Valerie Jarrett’s deplorable, ugly history lacing U.S. political networking with Communism and Black Nationalism, from Trevor Loudon at his NEW ZEAL:

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Hmmm: Harvard Adopted Affirmative Action Policy For Law Review Well Before Obama Matriculated There (via Wizbang! – Ace Explains Obama’s Academic Record Vacuum – by Rodney Graves, April 26, 2011)

read the whole thing, but here is a mere portion:

And this new policy, which is also heavily A-A, is supposed to represent a limitation on the use of race factors that had existed before the implementation of the new policy — that is, before this, race factors counted for more.

Obama entered Harvard Law in 1988 and graduated 1991, meaning he was either there for one Affirmative Action regime or another, slightly-better-disguised one.

So Trump could be right that his grades weren’t good, despite the Law Review credential.

One thing, though, is the magna cum laude honor, which is semi-independent of the Law Review one (though, often, they go together, being both largely based on grades — usually).

While I have heard of AA for law review, I haven’t heard of it for the magna honor. (Or cum, or summa– whichever.) Usually this is based simply on grades, and this being the second-highest academic accolade. But who knows — Harvard might have automatically made anyone on Law Review magna or better, or might have added a special AA element to this too, or maybe some kind of special circumstances thing (“He did thirty hours of work in a soup kitchen or community organizing” or some weak crap like that).

Easy Magna? Where I went to school, magna was reserved for the top 5%. When Obama was at Harvard, it was much, much easier to grab that accolade — only after he graduated did they institute a policy limiting magna to 10% and cum laude to 30%, which means, of course, before he graduated the honors were given out much more freely.

How freely? This freely:

Under the old system, 76% of Harvard Law grads earned honors, the school said.”

Eric adds:

So when Obama graduated in 1991, all he had to do was graduate in the top 76% of the class to get a cum laude honor. The article doesn’t specify, but I expect that the cutoff for Magna Cum Laude was 50%. Which means a C student could graduate with a Magna Cum Laude.

(— Continued).

My summation: it is significant in importance to our nation’s present and future existence, security and fitness if the man (or woman, should that be the case) who commands our armed forces — especially who has nuclear weapons at the ready — is mentally, physically and intellectually competent but most importantly, capable. And willing to exercise fidelity to their Oath of Office, without compromise.

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