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In a continuation from yesterday’s broadcast of an appearance Donald Trump made on THE FACTOR with Bill O’Reilly, I’m sharing a very cursory “transcript” of sorts while listening to the interaction between Trump and O’Reilly.

This second part — contrary to the first broadcast yesterday (and written about here) — today’s second part of this interview/exchange included a far more supportive O’Reilly (or, at least, less contrary as he was yesterday).

Today, O’Reilly concluded Trump’s appearance with saying this enthusiastic statement: “Trump, I think he’s a force for the Presidency!”

I agree.

Now that cursory ‘transcript’ of sorts — simply notes I took while listening to today’s broadcast — but there’ll be videos available of both appearances by Trump with O’Reilly on FOX yesterday and today, to hear the full exchange.

O’Reilly: Why haven’t jobs come back as fast as they could?

Trump: China…taking jobs as quickly as they can (Trump expands upon the problems and why he deems they exist as to how it is that China has taken jobs from the U.S.A.).

O’Reilly asks how that can be changed, how jobs can be returned to the U.S.

Trump continues: …by getting China to stop manipulating their currency…by a 35% tax on imports from China…we are rebuilding China!

O: But you’re threatening China…

T: I’m not threatening China…we have to do something about China, we have to do something about OPEC…

O: What are you going to say to OPEC?

T: The messenger is the key…
O: You’re gonna scare them, what?
T: Yes, the messenger is the key.

O: But there’s going to be blowback…the blowback could really threaten the country (by “the country,” O’Reilly is referring to the U.S.A.).

T: The only thing you have to fear is fear itself…
…the tax (on China)…tax China and they’ll come to us.

T: We are rebuilding China…you go to China, they’re building airports, cities, cities bigger than New York, we’re rebuilding China…

O: Asks about taxes, what Trump would do if President about taxes, the Tax Code, specifically.

T: You have to simplify it, people have to pay a fair amount of tax, you have to simplify it, some are paying 40%, some aren’t paying anything, some of the people paying 40% are doing better than the ones who aren’t paying anything…

…the deficit, 14 trillion and increasing rapidly…if I decide to run and I’ll decide in June, there won’t be so much confusion.

O’Reilly asks about Libya, what Trump would do, use of our military, war, etc.

Trump responds: In the old days, when you fight a war, you WIN, to the victor go the spoils…

O: Iraq…what do you do?

T: You STAY, you keep the oil, Bill, you STAY…

O: (interrupting, being a contrarian again)…

Trump: Excuse me, excuuuse me, Bill…two minutes after we leave, Iran is going to come in and keep the oil…you STAY, we pay ourselves back…we don’t be so stupid.

…you look at wars in history, people go in, they stay, we go in and then we leave, we leave the spoils to (countries)…that hate our country.

O: Let’s go to Libya: the LIbya action is being explained as ‘to stop the horror’.

T: That’s fine…but the Arab League…why don’t they pay for it themselves, how about we make it possible for them to take over the whole process, Qaddafi and Libya, then we (reasserts that the U.S. should be profitting from the efforts we wage and not releasing “spoils of war” to profiteers such as the Arab League and “countries who hate ours”).

O: How about Iran?

T: If I’m President, they won’t have a nuke.

The appeal of Donald Trump in the Presidency, after the obvious in removing the corruption and mighty bungling that is being done to our nation and our world by Barack Obama, is that Trump would bring a private-sector, and strong Capitalist perspective back to a nation he’d be proud and not ashamed to represent. His “energy” or “force” as to the Presidency, as O’Reilly put it tonight, is highly appealing and that he so easily and quickly cuts through the word-fog and word-dodgery practiced by career politicians (includes Obama and many more) and attacks full-on the imbalances of business-as-war represents someone I’d be both proud to support and relieved to vote for: relief because where we’re being taken now is so disasterously corrupt and oftentimes plain old crude (by Obama and others).

I’m reading of late that some people declare Trump “a showman” and engaged in some sort of carnival-act in this idea that he may run for the Presidency, and I don’t agree with that. I doubt strongly that Donald Trump would waste a moment of his time and especially his financial resources with this possibility of the Presidency in 2012 if he wasn’t serious about the goal.

I do anticipate that he’ll declare his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the Presidency 2012, and, remind all voters that the important thing to keep in mind is winning the election — the damages being done to our nation and the world related by the current government fiasco with associated and corrupt players is something all Americans should keep foremost in mind as we elect different leadership to remove what we’re currently beset with. It would be beyond refreshing to have Donald Trump available in the Presidency to contend so bluntly with the “Looney Left.”

So, consider me interested again today.



UPDATE: “Part 1” – March 30, 2011 Trump appearance on O’Reilly available in transcript form and vidoe, HERE.


Trump in a March 13, 2011 discussion with Neal Cavuto on FOX News discussing concerns about Japan, Nuclear Energy and the industry of such, our economy, petroleum exploration (he’s a big supporter of the Nuclear Energy industry and petroleum exploration/extraction and natural gas), on Obama’s golfing and more.

“I’d love to play him for the Presidency — I love golf, and I think it’s likely the greatest game in the industry…but when Japan is crashing, when you have nuclear problems the likes of which the world has probably never seen, for him to be playing golf simultaneously with what is happening…for him to be playing golf the day of, the day after, nuclear disaster, the tsunami…at least we should have a President sitting in the White House who’s saying, ‘what can we do’…but for him to be playing golf at this time, I think it’s totally inappropriate.”

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