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Video: Missouri Welfare Benefits Spent In Hawaii

“They need money for food, but where’d they get the money for travel?”

I make no judgments upon any needy person who asks for help on a temporary basis, especially those who are unable to work due to illness or disability (or age) — or for the able-bodied who are suffering temporary unemployment — but the statistics reported in this news are offensive.

Someone temporarily unemployed but able-bodied, capable of earning a living by performing a job to an employer’s satisfaction, should be busy looking for a job and not off traveling to distant states (except if it’s to be busy applying for jobs there) (or unless some charitable person has gifted them with airfare and travel expenses or a room in their home at some distant destination).

I do wonder, like the video reveals, how it is that someone in Missouri who needs taxpayer money for food is able to pay for transportation to Hawaii, Florida, Alaska and California from Missouri. It would be possible for those working in a cash-economy while claiming “poverty”: some people avoid taxes and other personal responsibilities by working through a cash-economy; when it’s time to substantiate an income, they have little, and thus, are eligible for public assistance of a variety of sorts (Food Stamps included here).

A related question: is the citizenship of these recipients verified? I pose that question because it just may be that a so-called “guest worker” population is roaming the nation using Food Stamps and Public Assistance to make that possible. If basics are covered by the taxpayers, airfare may not be so difficult to pay for to and from Hawaii and Alaska and Florida and California from Missouri.

Footnote: I stopped in a local market yesterday — not a specialized store but a neighborhood supermarket — and declined to purchase ice cream after noticing the current price of a half-gallon of it was over SEVEN AND A HALF DOLLARS; after paying for the month’s groceries and utilities, there’s little left over for the latest luxury of ice cream.

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