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What took place last night in the belabored, gruesome 62-minute derailment of reason by Barack Obama (or was that Barry Soetoro) in the 2011 State of the Union event from Congress was the equivalent of Chinese-water-torture via teleprompter. Badly written, poorly performed, evasive chatter using overpuffed collective-committee symbolism including “rail” and “Sputnik” with romancing for more billions for the people’s unions through more tears in the fabric of Capitalism.

The lowest point of the experience was Barry’s ongoing dripping sound, “China.” China-this, China-that, drip, drip, drip, there goes the guy with his self-satisfied smirk on several occasions — paused only to expect some clapping that never arrived at those moments when he paused to smirk, expecting applause — because even the indulgent, appeasing Democrats present had their fill of chatter torture. From the broadcast coverage, it was Nancy Pelosi and only a Pelosi — well, perhaps a few more but nary more than a few — who appeared plastered smiles of madness. What did Barry just say that brought such madness smiles to Pelosi’s face and that smirk to Barry’s? China. Rails. Feed the unions another big-billions sandwich. China again. Muslims are friends. Madness. Irresponsibility. Evasive chatter from a man who can’t even prove his identity, or won’t, but he’s keen on China and Russian antiquated technology.

What Crisis?
– by Yuval Levin, January 25, 2011

…The rest could easily have come from Bill Clinton’s 1996 State of the Union Address—the high speed rail and high speed internet, the bizarre liberal nostalgia for that imaginary time when you could just go to the factory and get a job, or for the imaginary solidarity of the Sputnik era or the great Interstate Highway projects.

But this is not 1996 or 2006. Clinton had a strong economy to lean on, and was basically just trying to stay out of his own way. Bush allowed himself to advance some inane “State of the Union in a box” ideas in 2006 (believe me, I was in the White House domestic policy shop then, and well remember the pain) because he believed he needed to focus on the war, and his speech (which largely focused on the war) amply demonstrates that.

But what is the Obama team’s excuse? This speech certainly didn’t focus on foreign policy or the war on terror. This is certainly not a time when the economy is strong or steady, or when the public’s concerns are elsewhere. It is certainly not a moment for business as usual.

The Obama White House tonight seemed to be betting that the public thinks it is such a moment; that everything is basically fine again, and it is safe to go back to the usual kind of Clintonian chatter about solar panels; indeed, that doing so (as opposed to creating more massive new entitlements and taking over more car companies) would be seen as moderate; that we should be careful to learn nothing from the past three years, and from the glimpse they have given us of what a debt crisis might look like. But the result was a speech wholly and oddly divorced from the moment. That is not what a move to the center would look like today. It not only offered no concession to the strong public mood evident in the last election, it evinced no awareness—not even in passing, for rhetorical effect—of the economic facts and pressures underlying that mood and defining this time in our nation’s life. The president merely notified us that he had appointed a commission to look at the deficit, he noted that we ought to think about entitlements, he mentioned the terms “Medicare” and “Medicaid.” But he proposed to do nothing about any of it. (— Continued).

Chatter. Tortuous chatter to anyone who considers the Presidency to be an Office of leadership or even ideas. Torture, particularly, inanity in speech and word and performance venue where should be a substantial menu with specific preparation instructions; instead, Barry spoke-out four-courses of pre-boiled gruel with a few bits of watercress and red pepper flakes for those who purchased the Mandarin improvements.

The most insulting statement the American people could and have ever heard from Barry (“and Associates”) was his declaration that he’d be holding back spending at current levels. Or something. Never mind that current spending levels are higher by billions than ever have been before. So Barry’s going to be holding back the tidal wave at it’s high-water reach: it’s struck land, ruined everything and now Barry’s going to be at that high hill place and “hold it back” as it, uhh, well, he’s holding that big-wave-deficit right there.

Barry’s SOTU 2011 “speech” was, perhaps, the emptiest, most time-and-office-wasting rendition ever from any President visiting the podium in Congress. His reliance on frequently-repeated “big sounding” words and phrases — “we need more jobs” and “government regulations” and “spending” along with the Mandarin-pepper flakes of “China” tossed in with far too much frequency to make any sense except as some mime or parrot licking a master’s hand — Obama’s reliance on this method of speech appeared to be intentional dereliction of duty. Insult the United States of America. Rub salt into someone’s wound. Smirk and waste their time and resources. I do believe that these were noticeable motives in last night’s torturous chatter, a man daring to show just how much he can waste the Presidency and everyone’s time and resources.

What was that? Did Barry hoist up a fist full of shave ice and pause to enjoy it during the speech? He did, in fact, do so in so many ways, the only thing missing was the shave ice itself.

Meanwhile, back here on Earth:

Remarks of Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) – As Prepared for Delivery
House Budget Committee Hearing Room, Washington, DC
January 25, 2011


EDITORIAL: Obama’s spaced out speech
SOTU ignores communist challenge in space-race analogy
– by The Washington Times, January 26, 2011

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