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So the Big Speech from the Tucson Rally yesterday, though grand and lofty in tone, belaboredly read by Barack Obama, fell flat with the objectives: the problems as he opined them and the Oprahesque woes he asked to be put aside have, instead, splurged forth in increased hatefest by his followers.

Those people in media and politics who have paid Barack Obama compliments for the Rally Speech — “he’s Presidential, it was Presidential” — should read what Obama’s followers have to say mere hours later: increased hatefulness, defamation, destruction and theft of others’ property and other crimes done in (so I’m reading) some sort of assumption of deserved or “right” to harm the lives, characters and property of others. Obama stirred this destructiveness up with his Tucson Rally speech and this has been the response I’ve witnessed after previous Big Speeches by Obama: his followers increase their rage and increase their bad behaviors upon others accordingly.

The media makes mention of media-personalities as targets of such bad behavior (Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly, FOX News, Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, etc.) but many of us as individuals otherwise are also targeted with similar destructiveness. Much of this hatefulness, hate-speech from and by the Left, goes unmentioned when it’s not associated with higher-profile individuals, but it does exist at a higher occurrence than is commonly reported.

Rage. It’s rage increasing as Obama’s Big Speeches continue — rather than self-examination followed by self-restraint, the Left who hear his lofty tones respond with increased rage and acting-out with increased violence upon others who are not among the Left.

This Left Madness — already well identified — continues to be personal, waged against individuals on the Right, Conservatives, Republicans, and has for a while now been characterized by increasingly raging destructiveness toward “races other than Brown, Black or in-between”. Those responsible, in my experience, are mentally deranged people who appear to be continually driven more insane and more corrupt by Barack Obama’s ongoing theatrical Big Speeches. He appears to provide them ongoing, and increasing, assumption of “cover” as also incentive (the assumption of guiltlessness) for the destructive acts upon others, especially when the perpetrators attach a racial aspect to themselves and others.

But if it’s not a racial aspect upon which the rage is based, it’s atheism, or it’s homosexuality or it’s pro-abortion or “open borders” demands: these are the Leftwing generalities that are — nearly expressly for the threats I receive and read — waged upon others, by the Left, and all of these are generally quite nuts about Obama. These socio-political positions generally describe most Obama supporters.

If and when anyone is Republican, “right”, Christian, Catholic, increasingly also Orthodox Jew, anyone who is Conservative and supports national sovereignity, is pro-life, is ALSO “White”…on an on it goes…the Left wages their increasingly violent rhetoric and also deeds against us. The internet provides these cowards on the Left with a simpleton’s (and coward’s) tool to do so.

Most of society has heard many times the complaints of perpetrators of crimes in their complaints as to how it is they assume they are “victims” and feel entitled — without responsibility — for harming others. “Someone” (else) “made them” “do it” and they’re acting-out in vengeance since “someone else” “did them wrong” and “is a racist” (yet it is they as perpetrators who issue racial dimensions to the circumstances, revealing that it is they as racists who are targeting others based largely upon the racial differences of others).

Which is why Obama has long been identified by me as a Cult Leader: because he is. His “followers” respond to and about him as to a Cult Leader, their overall behaviors have gone from depressed and deleteriously anti-social years ago to fomenting desire, need, greed and now irrational violence waged against others, and every one of Obama’s Big Speeches produces this Day After affect among those who are captivated by him. It’s Cult behavior, it’s mass-mob emotional fervor without reason or accountability. If they can’t attack their targets physically, their property, their person, the Left — Obama supporters — attack their targets — the Right, Conservatives, Republicans — by generating baseless gossip that wounds and attempts to destroy reputations and social acceptability. The Left’s method on the internet, their handy coward’s tool, is to create websites and post irrational statements about those they target, whether this be from press conferences held by Democrats in Congress or wretched individuals who assume they’re anonymous on the internet.

Most of us who are Republicans and/or Conservative are familiar by now with the baseless allegations, such attacks on the internet as just described, death threats upon some of us, theft of our material to butcher and maim it (and thereby, “us” by proxy)…all in some pretense by the Left of complaining about “racism” while it is our race (those the Left targets) (or our ethnicity) that they are obsessed with and denigrating of.

Racial and/or ethnic-supremacist individuals won’t understand that their problems are themselves. They complain about “no racism” on their hate-filled sites and yet write (for years) complaints about the races of others while promoting their own.

The pejoratives flung about by Obama’s followers — the Left — are common, back-alley taunting: “wingnut” and “whitey” and whatever-whatever…while they are busy promoting their own race and racialist culture — “Black” and “Urban Black” (some sort of immature, stunted clubhouse aspect to a shared racial kind) and post abundant promotions of their own racist, racialist images of supremacy. That’s what racism is and that’s what racists do but it can’t be explained to racists that they’re the thing they hate, and that they victimize others based upon race, racialist prejudices and their behavior is indecent in any civilized society, these things never get through to irresponsible, and racist, individuals and groups.

I’m not going to do so much as link to another site that has taken to copying and reprinting my content and graphic files for purposes of ridiculing both — and me — in such cowardly, racist capacity as that. Other, similar immature, cowardly thievery on the internet has been done before by the Left with my material, as also the names and material of others. Persons who wage this sort of despicable, deranged behavior are not worth mentioning, linking to or so much as considering. Screen captures are taken and saved of their destructive deeds, complaints made but the content is the same old, uncreative, anti-social, “Obama crazed” cult-method of knocking me and other total strangers based upon our race and theirs (me, a “White person” and them, “Black”) (or “Brown” since I’ve seen similar done by Hispanics/Latinos over the years). But I’m not going to so much as provide a link to anyone to such a site or sites because the attention seems to be what the Cult wants: call me names, make threats (including death threats), write nasty emails, internet terrorism in the name of Barack Obama, their ‘leader’, certainly the person at this present time who seems to represent “permission” to them to act-out anti-socially, if not criminally.

So crime seems to fit right in there comfortably with people such as that. The Obama Administration has proven their lack of ethics on nearly all fronts — racialist prejudices, counter-national leadership, public property, the Constitution, etc. — and that Administration has developed a keen talent of agitating their followers to act-out accordingly. Crime seems to be of no consideration to them when it’s done against political enemies of the Left’s: just do it, rip-off others, “take a gun to a knife-fight,” Obama says so.

The ongoing complaints by — mostly as I hear and read it today — racialist-associated, Obama-associated people in Congress (specifically, Rep. Clyburn among many other Democrats) is that specific races — “Black people” — are due or owed a lot while “White people” are due the bill and whose goods and persons should not be considered if there are “complaints” about complying to the demands. Few to no “White people” today or in the last century+ have ever been involved in racism as to Blacks (or “Brown people” so they call themselves, Hispanics/Latinos), yet here I am, Caucasian (a “White person”) and any socio-political complaints I make or opinions I express, when there’s a Black or Brown person (again, their words, how they refer to themselves, so I’m going along with the nomenclature here), I’m “retaliated against” as if I’ve made some racial, untoward “attack” on their very DNA when I, say, disagree with the Obamacare (so-called) legislation or many other of the Leftwing socio-political objectives. I am reduced to race by racists and my socio-political views denigrated accordingly: the Administration’s encouragement of internet purse-snatching and a fist in the face of the “White lady” walking by.

Millions of American voters — of a variety of races and ethnicities — disagree with that legislation and have abundantly explained why we do. It has nothing to do with race or racial-kinds, except to racists who support the legislation on their as-yet undisclosed racialist reasons, yet they continue to refer to this legislation in racial terms (referring to opposition to the legislation as “racist“): these are the people who denigrate anyone with complaints about the legislation as being “racist” when and if we’re White, and then other pejoratives as to anyone who may be Black (or Brown) who doesn’t support the legislation, either.

I’ve yet to hear, as per what Rep. Clyburn has complained (we’re “racists” for not supporting the legislation) just how and why he defines “Obamacare” as a race-defined, race-delineated, race-characterized plan — yet he lashes out at anyone “White” that we are “racists” if we disagree with Obamacare. Clyburn sure sounds like the racist to me, not those with complaints about “Obamacare”.

But Clyburn has displayed no willingness to comprehend his own lack of self-insight or diminished self-responsibility, a member of Congress lashing out with such ugly, baseless, irrational, disgusting pejoratives (“smears”) of vast millions of Americans (of all races and ethnicities but Clyburn’s particular irrational venom is directed toward “White people”). Clyburn has also been outspokenly engaged in hatespeech about Americans and specific individuals he has politically targeted ever since this past Saturday night, having lost few hours in exploiting the violence in Tucson to carry on with his hatefulness about others, to the extent that he’s continued lying about others in desperately severe terms.

The complaints from persons such as this tend to be focused on “inner city” and “minority district” areas in our nation, places that, so it’s claimed, “need” more, are deprived more, have more crime, contend with urban problems that the rest of the nation — and taxpayers — are free of, so the Left, especially the racist Left, contends.

I agree that urbanity contains many a problem that the rest of the nation doesn’t, in general, but certainly not expressly. Rural and suburban populations contend with crime, too, include poor people, too, many are unemployed, struggle to provide for families and educate their children, just as urban people do, but we continually hear lectures as to how it is more resources are “owed” to the inner-city, urban areas, more to them, less for others if anything at all to others, and especially the inner-city “Black and Brown” populations. The ongoing implication is that more “White people” live in suburbia and rural areas, so the racial divisions, though not often specified, are clearly implied when these complaints are made as to redirecting income and resources to inner-city areas by taking more away from “other aras” (which leaves suburbia and rural America to be “taken from”, their needs and problems criticized or even condemned by the “inner-city” interests).

Those interests take more crime in stride than the rest of us. And inner-city residents complain about all the crime, all the deprivation and difficulties. Since higher percentages of “Black and Brown” people live in inner-city or urban areas versus more “Whites” in suburbia and rural America, then the reasonable assumption is that it’s more “Black and Brown” people committing those crimes that they complain are taking place in inner-city/urbania. Why do they resort to crime more often than others?

The racial allegation would be to say that something inherent to DNA of specific races or ethnicities compels them to commit crimes. I don’t agree with that, since I am not a racist and I do think that behavior is largely cultural: you learn how-to, at home and by peer influences. If there are no counter-influences of greater impact on anyone’s life — consistent, good parenting that instructs on ethics and behaviors and incentivizes responsible choices — then the “other” environmental factors will rule a person’s general formative character.

For example, if your neighbor takes care of you when no parent will or does responsibly and your neighbor has a casual approach to stealing what they want or say they “need” — small or large crimes, theft in general is attitudinal first before the behavior begins — and you like your neighbor because they’re the one available person who you know well and who “cares” for you by being available, spending time with you, etc., then you learn via a cultural influence that stealing is acceptable behavior. It’s a cultural — and emotional — learning, whatever your DNA defines you as to race.

Inner-city, urban, it’s more often Black or Brown, however. So if there’s more crime in these areas than in other areas, there’s a lot to be said for the cultural learning that residents in those environs are engaged in, how it is they’re engaging in more crime than do others and what the influences on them is. White people in urbanity AND in suburbia AND in rural areas also steal, also commit crimes, also struggle for employment, educations, property ownership, etc., but we don’t often if at all hear about them, not from Congress, not from legislatures, not from them. Instead, it’s all so often about how it is that Black and Brown people in inner-cities and urban environs have the most needs, reside in higher-crime “neighborhoods” and such. Theft, crime, violence, these seem to be the common themes — accepted behaviors — of inner-city/urban environs, which means more people in those areas both engage in those behaviors AND accept those behaviors by emotional and behavioral learning. So they also are committing more of those crimes.

Calling Mary Poppins out in Quiet Town, U.S.A., who lives in a nice house on the hill with a well-kept yard, has well behaved, well educated children who she and a working husband provide for, calling Mrs. Poppins (and family) “racists” because they’re doing well by comparison with the inner-city/urban-dwelling Mizz Rapper and Mister Jamwham (and gang, whatever) is irrational. But it works easily to agitate others’ emotions, so it’s the easy way around developing character: Miss Rapper, Mister Jamwham can just call people names, steal their property, ridicule them, strike out at what and who they innately hate, these are the easy, simple ways to avoid developing character and to accept responsibility for harming others and being offensive as a derelict liability among human society. And Mrs. Poppins makes an easy target with her nice yard and her polite life, she’s easy to insult because she isn’t going to go down to the city alleys and name-call (or worse) those who are harassing, harming her: say, take, malign anything about her, she’s isn’t going to bash your front door in.

This is what is taking place on the internet by people who display what I’d call basic depravity of anti-social states of mind, who are racist, indeed, of the actual kind, and who target others based upon race and who Obama speaks to when he delivers those Big Speeches of his. Because those Big Speeches produce an immediate result of increased crimes against White people, increased hate-speech by Blacks and Browns (how they refer to themselves, I’m using their nomenclature here), increased stalking and harassment on the internet especially, death threats in inboxes from people who don’t appear to have any fear in being tracked down (which they can be and often are): the Mary Poppins and families of the world are the easy targets, and Rep. Clyburn and Barack Obama encourage the targeting, if not outright direct their followers to target them.

Obama’s Big Cult Rally in Tucson, and the violence escalates, by the Left upon the Right. Cult behavior, a Cult Leader, mob violence, senseless, craven mental — and spiritual — illness. None of that is acceptable just because someone is “Black or Brown” — it’s about behavior, not DNA — but Obama’s Big Speeches, whether intentional or not, imply that there’s no accountability for the damages if and when the perpetrators are “Black or Brown”. Therefore, Obama, “a cult leader”.


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