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The tragedy from this past Saturday in Tucson, Arizona that involved a clearly psychotic person (“Jared Lee Loughner”) murdering six people and wounding a total of nineteen persons, including a near-fatal assassination attempt upon Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D/AZ), made the news moments after it occurred. Among those murdered (which was revealed late on Saturday) were two federal employees — one a federal court judge, John Roll, and the other an employee of Congresswoman Giffords — and among the public attending the event, a nine-year-old child and four adults.

I was accessing Yahoo at the time — Saturday morning on the Pacific Coast — to read a few headlines when I saw a “Breaking News” article about the violence, and then FOX News announced the tragedy. I’d left FOX on in the background as I was reading news on the internet, my normal, usual behavior.

Mere moments after the Breaking News appeared online, numerous comments — thousands of them — began pouring forth on Yahoo from obviously Leftwing sources, blaming (what I read): “Sarah Palin, the Right, the Tea Party, Fox News, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, ‘Rethuglicans,’ the military, ‘
Conservatives’, guns, ‘white supremacists,’…”
and just about anyone and anything that the Left today refers to badly for any unreasonable reason.

I was surprised by the hatred, the irrational blaming — no facts, nothing being reported about any of the sources or individuals which the Left was immediately, intensely blaming, as being involved or even being associated with the culprit (Loughner, who was detained at the scene of his crimes there in Tucson).

The Left, without so much as the general public yet being informed of much of anything except a shooting in Tucson of unknown reason, cause, association or target (or perpetrator), had engaged within moments of the breaking news upon a massive, hateful, rage-filled condemnation of “the Right” and specific persons and an entire network — FOX — for existing.

My general perspective is to wait and see what is revealed and substantiated before accepting public allegations as to guilt and/or association with violence — don’t believe or disbelieve, just wait until there’s more substantiated upon which to form conclusions — and, thus, I was preparing to accept whatever was revealed as to proof, facts, whoever and whatever was responsible and continued to read and listen as the hours passed. Having watched FOX News for many years now, and read and listened to all the individuals the Left was condemning, I admit I had a difficult time accepting that these were even involved to any degree. For starters, there are more Democrats and other Leftwingers on FOX News with regularity, week in and week out, with time provided to talk themselves out, than is possible anywhere else; and though I’ve heard many a Leftwinger on FOX (literally) ranting, yelling, screaming at others, it’s the Left who does so, not anyone else. Certainly host Glenn Beck doesn’t do so, the network doesn’t, Palin’s always been well expressed, well mannered, composed and poised when appearing on FOX, as has Rush Limbaugh when phoning in there.

And, Tea Party events — as also the “9/12” event held in D.C. last year by Glenn Beck (where Sarah Palin appeared and spoke, along with many others from the Conservative and Moderate in our nation) — have all been well documented to be orderly, calm events populated by responsible families, who go so far as to even clean up all litter afterward, such as it may be. No ranting from podiums, no ugly signs advocating violence of any sort, no riots, no assaults, no property damage, nothing but well modulated speeches and other self-expression by those in attendance.

On Saturday afternoon, I tried but could not keep abreast of the overwhelming flood of Leftwing blaming taking place in public internet commenting right before my eyes, despite none of the assertions as of that time being substantiated.

Hours of this, hours, the Left blaming, in excess of any point of word violence, about Palin, the Right, Tea Party, etc., which the Left placed in keen preference over any reports from the scene as to wounded, survivors, conditions — the Left was fixated in madness upon unsupported assignment of blame for the violence itself, upon, irrationally, the Right.

My limited attempts to engage on Saturday, most of the day online, was to try to encourage people to use facts upon which to make conclusions, and to disagree strongly with most of the Left’s assumptions and that was because of this: none of those the Left was/is lambasting, blaming, were even remotely — in my experience — guilty of ever, ever making such statements or promoting such positions as the Left was blaming them for (not Palin, not the Tea Party, not Limbaugh, not Republicans, not “military types,” not Conservatives, etc.); in fact, I have never, not once, read nor heard at any time anyone involved with the Tea Party movement, nor supporter of Palin, nor listener of Limbaugh, nor of Beck, nor any Republican, etc., never heard any of these advocate for wanton violence upon elected officials (or anyone else), never advocate for destruction of others, nor property, nor “government,” nothing ever heard or read from the Right that the Left was claiming on Saturday the Right was responsible for.

I watched this tidal wave of hate-screed, irrational blaming from the Left literally pour out all over all the comments sections on articles on Yahoo that were associated with the tragedy in Tucson. Saying it was “thousands” of comments by the Left is underestimating the profusion of irresponsible assertions appearing.

I pondered just why it was so many on the Left were making so many of these unsupportable remarks — in similar nomenclature, using the very same words — and so immediately after the crimes occurred.

Later on Saturday, by the evening hours and after many a Democrat/Leftwing politician had appeared on FOX echoing — for hours on hours — the very same Leftwing, baseless allegations found in the Yahoo comments, by the evening hours some facts began appearing in the news about the Tucson slaughter. Increasingly, every single one of the targets the Left had been maligning all of Saturday began to come forth as not involved, not associated, not responsible to any degree by association or action in the Tucson events.

Instead, facts support (and have revealed even by late this Sunday night) that a lone psychotic acted out on Saturday. His influences were and are as myriad as were and are his self-expressions on his facebook, myspace and youtube pages: his favored books include “Mein Kampf” and “Communist Manifesto” (neither of which are associated with the Tea Party, Palin, the Right, Republicans, Limbaugh, Beck or Fox, nor vice-versa), his activities include substance abuse, deranged expressions on the internet, homosexuality, failed academic history, unemployment, not qualifying for the military, currency types and alternatives, which seems to have occupied a great deal of his concerns, and, on and on…this gunman’s mental state so clearly gravely disturbed that an untrained person could and has easily determined the mind of Jared Loughner to be utterly crazed.

There is much information becoming available on the internet about the violence from Tucson and as to specifics that actually are associated with the perpetrator, Jared Loughner. He had no Tea Party association, he was not a fan of Sarah Palin, someone attempted to give him a Bible which he is said to have been critical of and about (and which he rejected), so he was not “a member of the Religious Right” – also an allegation by thousands on the Left), he was registered to vote as an Independent (not a Republican), he was troubled by “illiterate people” and persons who spelled badly, he was rejected by the military (never enlisted in the military accordingly having failed to qualify), he was an atheist, he was a homosexual (his myspace/facebook page/s stating his interests were in “men” not women), he used marijuana, his thought processes were extremely disordered with complaints about “currency” and “government” and rambling, incomplete sentences that make no more sense than random keyboard hits (a mess, nonsensical writings on his youtube, facebook and myspace pages).

None of his interests, concerns or associations are, in fact, related to or inspired by the Tea Party, by the “Right,” by Sarah Palin, by Rush Limbaugh, by Glenn Beck, by FOX News or anyone or any movement as to Republicans. It appears that the Left was at-the-ready with a hate-campaign on the internet and in their Left media (MSNBC, NBC, Media Matters, particularly, and related/associated blog sites, with “dailykos” among those) to launch such a dishonest blame-campaign against the Right, against Republicans and against, particularly, FOX News and anyone associated with that network. That the Left was so immediately launching this campaign against their targets (just named them here) indicates that they were at the ready beyond reality or reason with the incident — in other words, the Left exploited the violence done against Congresswoman Giffords and those who lost their lives for purposes of attacking their media and political “enemies” (so-called by Barack Obama).

Exploitation by the Left without regard for ethics, truth, reality, people’s very lives. I’d say that this is about as low down and disgusting a deed by the Left as ever I have witnessed, even when the exploitation of physical violence and journalist dishonesty are the tools.

Among the key aspects that have surfaced by this day, Monday, January 10, 2011, about Loughner is that he wrote that he had targeted Rep. Giffords as an individual target as to his various upsets as early as 2007, which was long before the Tea Party movement even existed, and long before Sarah Palin was even known to exist outside the boundaries of Alaskan state politics and her own neighborhood there.

Many a link is provided here for reference to other material as to Loughner and the Tucson shooting of Rep. Giffords, and has not been embedded in this post, because the information is by this hour — Monday night — abundant and accessing this information, this site maintains, is more straightforward when it’s simply listed, as follows:


Staring into camera with a terrifying smile, the chilling mugshot of Tucson shooting suspect Jared Loughner
– by Daniel Bates, David Gardner and Sarah Titterton, Daily Mail (UK), January 11, 2011

Loughner Disruptive, Talked of Death, Classmates
– by Michelle Lee, The Arizona Republic,
January 10, 2011

RPT – Arizona Suspect Had Made Death Threats – Sheriff
– from Reuters, January 09, 2011

Jared Lee Loughner was a registered independent, didn’t vote in 2010 election
– by Chris Cillizza, Washington Post, January 10, 2011

Left and Media (But I Repeat Myself) In a Fact-Free Frenzy to Blame Palin for Giffords Shooting

– by Patterico, January 09, 2011

Arizona Shooter Jared Loughner: A Certified Lefty Nut — His Videos, Favorite Books: Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf UPDATE: High School Friend Calls Him “Very Lefty” PHOTO

– by ATLAS SHRUGS, January 08, 2011

The Left, Not the Right, Owns Political Violence
– by Michael Filozof, American Thinker
January 10, 2011

The Blame Game
– by Dana Loesch, Big Journalism
January 09, 2011

The Media’s Disgusting Rep. Giffords’ Shooting Blame Feeding Frenzy
– by Jeff Dunetz, Big Journalism (& YidWithLid)
January 09, 2011

– by Tim Blair, January 10, 2011

Loughner and the Violent Rhetoric in the “Communist Manifesto”
– by Philip Klein, American Spectator
January 08, 2011

Jared Loughner, Alleged Shooter in Gabrielle Giffords Attack, Described by Classmate as “Left-Wing Pothead”
– by, January 08, 2011

Note that in 2007, the Tea Party movement did not even exist, and, Sarah Palin was known within her state of Alaska but had no nationwide presence:

Suspect Fixated on Giffords
Accused Gunman Went to Congresswoman’s Event in 2007; ‘I Planned Ahead’

– by John R. Emshwiller, Devlin Barrett and Charles Forelle, Wall Street Journal,
January 10, 2011 post based upon LATimes article:
Jared Lee Loughner Leaves YouTube Rants
with many a comment
January 08, 2011

And, the most disturbing expose about the most disturbing Leftwing involved in this Hate Campaign Exploiting Rep. Giffords’ tragedy (read the whole post, all the pages; it’s extremely informative though difficult and time-consuming to understand it all, but well worth the read): post,
“KOS: My CongressWOMAN [Giffords] voted against Nancy Pelosi! And is now DEAD to me!
dailyKOS via google cache ^ | BoyBlue ”
Posted Saturday, January 08, 2011

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