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their acid burns them from within

– by Rick at Wizbang, January 13, 2011

That from the comments at an Anchoress post rightly giving hell for the madness engaged in by the mainstream media: (— Continued).

…in which Wizbang post, author quotes from and directs readers to a post by blog, “The Anchoress,” who writes (more):

The Madness of the Mainstream Media UPDATED
– by Elizabeth Scalia, January 12, 2011

A portion of which follows:

Sarah Palin made a statement that was contextual, relevant and appropriate to the day. The press, if they really wanted to put the day aside for the victims, could have simply reported that Palin made a statement, and moved on. In truth, they could have utterly ignored Palin’s statement altogether, because she really is not part of this story.

But they did not, because they cannot. Where Sarah Palin is concerned, the mainstream press and the political pundit class are like 14 year olds obsessing over the social order of the cafeteria, and especially that stupid new cootie girl, ewwww.

They are the spiteful, malevolent and immature teenagers in “Carrie,” armed with pig-blood and just looking for any opportunity to pour it. (— Continued).

When a reasonable person witnesses violence, or, worse, is among those who experience violence done to them — when it’s the first experience in that regard — a reasonable person thinks, “this is awful, never seen such a bad thing done before, this is terrible.”

Then you read and hear the Leftwing news and other hideous screed from the Left as has occurred since this past Saturday, and a reasonable person thinks, “it can’t get any worse than this,” and then it does.

This past Saturday, a lone gunman — Jared Lee Loughner — shot into a crowd of people assembled to hear Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D/AZ) in Tucson, Arizona, gravely wounded Rep. Giffords and thirteen others and mortally wounded six others. Loughner is since discovered to be a registered Independent, a person of substantial mental illness obsessed with a myriad of rambling, complicated issues and ideas — none of them what anyone would ascribe to “Conservativism” nor even the Moderate. He is described in his own words on the internet as irrational, menacing, disorganized in thought and mind, and by those who had contact with him as to “dislike the news” (and so to have avoided it), to have had no influences among the Right as to media nor politics nor persons. He had a criminal record, the local police knew of and about him, he’d even had prior contact with Rep. Giffords and held extremely negative “feelings” about her but of an irrational, emotional nature.

But it does get worse. As with victims of violence — verbal abuse or physical battery or both — a reasonable response to Saturday’s carnage and to any victimization by violence is to exclaim, “what are you doing, stop it.”

However, anticipating that it will become worse or could be worse than what’s already occurred is also equally unbelievable to reasonable persons who are not violent, abusive, irresponsible themselves: there’s the expectation that there’s some beginning and end to such and that it won’t happen again. Unless a person has been trained in contending with the violence of others, reasonable persons don’t usually understand that unreasonable, irrational people who are violent can and should be anticipated to become moreso in time: it doesn’t stop, it does get worse, it’s a grave error to assume that one should or has no need of self-defense or of ensuring the defense of others subjected to such, because it can and usually does get worse.

But then, reasonable people read the news this past weekend — Saturday’s violence by Loughner contained but then comes the Left’s onslaught about it that night, then Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, then Wednesday — violence in words and statements by the Left about others, then it’s worse, and worse, now worse and…and the reasonable response is, “this is beyond reason, what in the world is wrong with some people to behave so terribly, what are these statements, this is insanity following insanity” — shootings by a madman in Tucson on Saturday, followed by increasingly violent rhetoric by the Left — including outright threats of destruction — and accusations so bizarre and unfounded and hateful by the Left about just about anyone and everyone else, and reasonable people think, and rightfully so, “what I’m reading and hearing is as violent and irrational as what happened last Saturday in Tucson by a madman.”

The Left and their Leftmedia — NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, the wire services of Associated Press and Reuters — have sunk into a form of insanity that has matched and now exceeded any possible save-point whereby they might have at some point been considered “news” or journalism. The Leftmedia’s outright, hateful lies about Conservatives (sum this up by saying “about anyone who isn’t Leftwing”), with direct and repeated, outrageously false cracks about specific individuals — even as repeated by the likes of some Democrats in Congress and the Executive Branch of our government — this is madness. They are mad. They have met and exceeded even the Saturday carnage by a madman, they have gone mad themselves, worse, they are leveraging weapons via media against their targets, namely, the American people who are not Leftwing.

Where Is Your Evidence?
– from Slublog at, January 11, 2011

The individuals prominent among the-people-who-are-not-Leftwing are those also in politics and those in media — easy targets to attack and malign: they’re readily available in and on media, their names are well known by the public, there’s an expectation (I am assuming) by the Leftmedia and Left in general that attacking such public targets bears the Left no responsibility for the Left’s attacks. Why else would someone beat-up on an innocent victim? The answer is, because there is the expectation that they don’t or can’t fight back, there’s vulnerability, so, as the Left and Leftmedia is to be figured-out here, a target is he, she or that not among the Left who is anticipated to be beatable, smaller, defenseless, not able to hit back, or, if able to hit back, not as hard: he or she or that which isn’t going to make a bigger mark, and so mark-away.

So, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, FOX News (an entire network, one on which many a Democrat gets air time to yell at and lecture everyone else but apparently that’s missed on the Left), the Tea Party participants and Republicans (an entire political party, not to mention millions of American citizens), these are the targets and have been the recipients of the Left’s madness — insanity over the airways, in print, over the internet — since just hours after Saturday’s madness in Tucson.

The Tucson madness having nothing to do with the likes of Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, FOX News, Republicans, Conservatives, the Tea Party folk, but that does not eek through Left’s madness: the Left is as insane, irrational and reckless as ever a perpetrator of other violent crime has ever been. Facts, reality, these do not matter to the Left, they’ve become a sort of mass-mob of lynch-crazed barn burning threat-wielding shadows in “The Night of the Dead Leftmedia.”

Sarah Palin was denigrated despicably by the Left immediately after Saturday’s violence as somehow being “involved” or “responsible” for the Saturday carnage in Tucson. No facts substantiate such an allegation but the Left made it anyway and has persisted in making it anywhere and everywhere ever since.

Palin has not been involved, is not responsible, is not an influence about, has never encouraged, is not at all even “conceptually” or thematically suggestive of the carnage that occurred in Tucson this past Saturday, and yet the Left despises her so they launch lie after lie about her regardless of reality that discounts the context and substance of their lies. To the Left, reality isn’t considered.

VIDEO of Palin speech:
Sarah Palin: Manufacturing A “Blood Libel” is “Reprehensible”

So Palin responded to this madness with a video of her statements about this. Her response has been attacked even moreso than she was before making the response. Her use of the phrase, “blood libel” immediately demeaned by the Left in ghastly terms, yet defended by reasonable persons, including by the following two authors:

Alan Dershowitz Defends Palin on ‘Blood Libel’,
– by John Hudson, the Atlantic Wire, January 12, 2011

What’s Wrong With Sarah Palin Using the Term Blood Libel?
– by Jeff Dunetz on Big Journalism, January 12, 2011

What’s wrong with Palin using the term, “blood libel”? ABC, CNN, MSNBC, NBC and many a Leftwinger on the internet has been feverishly, sickly rattling on about how wrong she is for using it, a highly intolerant, indecent bunch condemning the use of the phrase by anyone-not-Left-out-of context-with-Judaic-history — yet those two authors identified above (Dershowitz and Dunetz) are Jewish and easily understand Palin’s use of the term; they are just not Leftwing propagandists, despite Dershowitz, for one, being easily as Liberal as they come. The phrase is not owned by any one culture expressly, and has been used colloquially by many others in a variety of cultures to refer to “blood vengeance” or violence that is rooted in irrational desire for the destruction of another or others. The term, as Palin used it, describes accurately what is taking place in and by Leftwing media: upon her, upon others.

Sarah Palin has been despised by the Left for merely existing, she’s damned by the Left for speaking out to correct the dishonest discourse from the Left about her and about current events. Palin was right to issue that statement and video of it, but the Left isn’t satiable because they are irrational. So they pick her apart for her response.

Same as to Rush Limbaugh. Same as to Glenn Beck. Same as to the Tea Party, and same as to Republicans, as to FOX News, as to Conservatives…and yet the facts are meaningless to the Left, they have their political, irresponsibly deranged targets and so they assault them. Facts and reality are meaningless to the Left when their “social and political goals” are at stake and these targets — among countless other human beings in this nation and elsewhere — are oppositional or even outside the Left’s assumptions: so the Left can’t allow the existence of anyone, anything, that does not echo the Left’s goals. They are driven to mad destruction of anyone and anything that is not of the Left.

Rush Limbaugh, who speaks about himself and his perspectives better than anyone else can or has, wrote this commentary over the last three days:

An Embarrassment for the Media and Sick, Desperate American Left
January 10, 2011

The Democrat Party Turns Jared Loughner into a Victim of the Right
January 11, 2011

Jared Loughner’s Friend on GMA: “He Didn’t Listen to Political Radio”
January 12, 2011

That January 12, 2011 commentary by Limbaugh points out the extreme measures that Leftmedia is using to both attempt to bury facts and to falsely shape the public’s perceptions of the Tucson violence. But there is so much more being done by Leftmedia with apparent disregard for truth, clarity, a lucidly, fact-based reportage replaced instead with attacks on other individuals who are not at all related to this incident but who, when attacked, fulfill the Left’s needs — and goals — to maintain attacks upon their targets (and who, therein revealed, represent blocks to the Left’s dishonest discourse as also objectives).

In closing of this Part Two post — Part One is here — I refer to another reasonable person writing about reasonable observations, which I am sure the Left and Leftmedia will be intolerant of and about. The Left’s problem is reality — if they could or would put down their madness long enough to consider such, reality would help just as sunshine cures the dark.

The Liberal Empire Strikes Back
– by Cal Thomas, Townhall Columnist, January 13, 2011

The Left apparently has taken to heart the admonition of former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to “never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

In the aftermath of the Tucson tragedy that killed six and wounded 14 others, the Left has attacked talk radio, Fox News, Sarah Palin and anyone else it can smear. Never mind there is not a shred of evidence that the accused gunman, the mentally disturbed Jared Lee Loughner, ever watched Glenn Beck or listened to Rush Limbaugh (Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, a Democrat, irresponsibly suggested Limbaugh incited Loughner).

Even if Loughner had watched and listened to conservative media, what does that prove? Millions do, but they don’t go on a shooting rampage. What do other murderers and terrorists watch on TV or listen to on the radio? Why isn’t the media they consume a matter of interest? Answer: Because it doesn’t further the Left’s agenda.

Since the Left lost its monopoly of the U.S. media, it has repeatedly tried to suppress speech it doesn’t like. Thus, we hear calls by Democratic Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina for the resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine. Rep. Robert Brady, Pennsylvania Democrat, reportedly plans to introduce legislation that would make it a federal crime to use language or symbols that could be perceived as threatening or that incites violence against a federal official or member of Congress. Who would police that and based on what standard?

In the 1980s when conservative groups tried to “clean up” the bad language, sexual references and violence on TV, the Left cried “censorship.” When conservatives campaigned against pornography and “music” that encouraged violence against women and racial epithets, they were told a healthy First Amendment required that even the most offensive speech be tolerated. It was the same argument used to allow the burning of the American flag at political protests. But the Left is intolerant of speech it disagrees with and so wishes to censor what it cannot overcome with superior argument. (— Continued).

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