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A Memorial “ceremony” was what the world was told it was. It was, instead, a campaign rally with a balcony overwhelming with screaming people who appeared to think they were at a rock concert. Or a cult rally. Certainly a rally to push a politic. Yet again, the Left exploits the Giffords Tragedy in Tucson, Arizona: thousands of screaming people zealously squealing with the name announced of a deceased child — yellyellyellsquealsquealyellscreamsscreams…

I don’t recall ever screaming out in zeal at a Memorial service to anyone’s death or to any tragedy, and that includes screaming with squealing intensity along with thousands of others when a murdered child’s name was announced, or Leftwing politicians made yet another self-promotional use of the event, the death of anyone, at the memory of any national or regional tragedy (or any tragedy at all), or at any other alleged “memorial”.

But that’s what this “sports arena event” was about, the “Memorial Service” in which t-shirts (“Together We THRIVE” blazened on them) were handed out to the attendees. And what does that slogan have to do with the Memorial event commemorating the deaths of six persons — including the nine-year old child — and the wounding of thirteen, including a U.S. Congresswoman? Is it being declared that there’s some “thrive” aspect to the tragedy? That they’re going to “thrive” on it, together? Another example of the so-called Memorial being a Meet And Join Rally for Obama and Democrats: Obama’s adaptation of Hillary’s earlier attempts to rally votes: “It Takes a Cult” the current rendition.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer made an incredibly sincere, appropriate — considerate — speech, complete with endearing, grateful words for Barack Obama (present and seated up front) as President, that he would attend; about that, Obama’s face was visibly anguished — clearly he’d felt anxiety at her kind words. There was no crowd squealing for Brewer’s speech; there was that difficult reaction by Obama, a man having visible trouble appreciating the kind words of someone he knew owed him worse.

The “ceremony” in the sports arena opened with a fellow who identified himself and his lineage, several times, as “Mexican.” I rather enjoyed his ceremony with feathers from the podium but he carried on for far longer than was relevant or mindful to the surroundings. And his extended version of ancestry lineage was inappropriate, to say the least — his point being, as also the point of including him by organizers — to establish the “I’m here and I’m Mexican” ethnicity issue. Again, inappropriate to the event itself, as also to the tragedy allegedly being considered.

Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano appeared — I’m sure there was a point there being made by the Obama Administration, an advertisement of their presence there, what with all of these having been quite so needlessly condemning of the state and their denigration of national security and law enforcement in the state. Holder and Napolitano read what they called, “scripture” — though to Holder’s credit, he did pronounce the words, “Jesus Christ” from the podium. It seems that Holder and Napolitano find contents from the Holy Bible quite handy when they are not referring to it otherwise as “hate speech.”

The two of them appeared exceptionally gratuitous in their use of the Bible, though the words were comforting to hear read aloud. Both Holder and Napolitano prompted yet more screaming, whistling, yelling and squealing from the rear-auditorium crowd, so I gather that the method at play here was to cheer the condemnation and attack upon Arizona, the state, the Governor, sovereignity, and that those being so disruptive were almost certainly representational of the Damn The Borders people. Tucson is a “sanctuary city” so it’s loaded with illegal aliens and many of them and their offspring attend the public schools there, including the universities.

At the opening episodes in which reverence was to be displayed (they didn’t refer to this as “prayers” but “a moment of silence” or similar, but the point was to connect with God, to honor Him with some reverent observation), at that moment, throughout those moments, there was Barack Obama and wife, chins jutting into the air, head tilted way, wayyy back, Mr. and Mrs. We’re Proud and Won’t Bow Now.

The two eventually closed their eyes, later in the event, and lowered the chins but not the heads (no bowing), though their statements of superiority continued. I’ve never seen a President nor First Lady behave as these two do at public events — it’s difficult to take them seriously when they seem determined to broadcast their lack of humility when humility is required, and their persistence in bowing low when brave leadership is needed.

The worst of this event was the labored speech by Barack Obama that followed these speakers. Obama read the first half of his speech, with prolonged silence between each word, his ongoing hissing with each of them making it very difficult to avoid muting the broadcast but this is not new, just that it’s continually present:


It was offensive that Obama had to read a speech and could not speak extemporaneously at such a solemn event, or so he referred to it as such, solemn. He went on and on and on and eventually reached that maximum volume and glare routine he uses in his ongoing campaign “events” so this Memorial At the Sports Arena was no different: again, it was about Obama. Context was irrelevant and the crowd again squealed, yelled, shouted, screamed, whistled out and whooped. Not a memorial, but another Obama event.

It was also offensive that some on the Right, MIddle and anywhere else appear to feel obligated or that it be necessary to ooze about Obama’s speech. I am sorry that some on the Right feel obligated to bow down and indulge this sort of exploitation, praising Obama’s speech while it was not praiseworthy, nor was his depressing and depressed performance of it, as was also the exploitative aspect to the event itself.

The Democrats again exploited the tragedy in Tucson, Arizona, to behave very badly. And the students, or whoever they were, in the balcony and arena-rear-seating who were responsible for all the screaming as if Shakira had shaken a stage defied any context of memorial or sincere appreciation for the lives of those who suffered and those who perished on January 08, 2011 in Tucson, Arizona.




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