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November 11, 2010
Raw: Bush on ‘The Factor,’ Part 1

Full interview of O’Reilly’s sit-down with former president

Sean Hannity Interviews George W. Bush (Part 1) – 11/09/10

An excellent sit-down conversation and ranch-drive tour with George W. Bush.

Part 2 of Hannity’s talk with Bush will be broadcast this coming Sunday on Fox News.

The current political environment encourages an even more appealing aspect to the Bush Presidency and about George W. Bush as an individual: his approachability, his humor, his considerations of others — including his continued declination to criticize current President Barack Obama whose blaming of Bush has reached ridiculous proportions to Obama’s disgrace — and especially hearing Bush speak with such lively enjoyment about so many interpersonal details…

All of these aspects about former President Bush and more reveal a man who is mature to leadership, “affable” to quote Bill O’Reilly, and one particularly who respects the office of the Presidency.

After viewing this Part I interview of Bush by O’Reilly — and also interviews with Bush by Greta Van Susteren and Hannity — I see a man who is sincere in his love of this nation and of us, the people of it, as President, a man who put the nation and us foremost in his priorities as to safety and security.

The comparisons on all these issues, as to the presence former President Bush manifests, with the conditions present since January 2009, could not be more striking; and, the respect for the Office of the Presidency by he who is in it could not be more disappointing when considering our present course compared to the days of the Bush Presidency — George W. Bush’s high esteem for the nation is never more obvious than when he speaks so sincerely and affectionately about the Presidency and with what enthusiasm and affirmation he continues to understand and relate his decision process while President.

I have not yet purchased a copy of President Bush’s book, DECISION POINTS, but I plan to do so soon, and, it is a book I am looking forward immensely to reading.


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