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I can’t recall who the comedian was who, years ago — at least back a decade — had a routine wherein he announced that “everyone’s name will now end in the letter, ‘O'” and then loped through a live audience asking random individuals, “what’s your name”.

First person over whom he hovered responded that her name was “Jane”.

Comedian responded, “So now your name is “Jane-O!”

And the comedian continued to lope throughout the audience, stopping at one person, then another and another, repeating the same “your name in the new language” customization to each individual: Jane-O, Allen-O, Biffy-O, Rick-O, on and on, everyone renamed, recast in the new language where everyone’s name ended in “O.”

Along with the date of this, I don’t recall the point, either. It was one of those silly bits — done at a televised awards show — done, I believe, to get an audience in the mood to relish “something new”. As in, “new!” with that exclamation point. New! Language! Your new name in the new language! Think new! Be entertained! Lots of exclamation-point moments that lacked any actual meaning except that everything — and everyone — was new! Defined by New! Terms!

The Obama-Epic has been the same thing as that comedian’s bit. And the politically, socially Left has been as willing to go along with such New! Terms! New! Be Entertained! stuff surrounding Barack Obama and the Pelosi-Reid Bad Acting as ever a population of miscast but hungry to act actors ever was. The Left, it has produced, directed and acted in a very bad thing and now they’re trying to pick-up the programs since cast aside in an empty theatre by many among their kind who have since walked out along with several visitors of a different kind who exercised the bad judgement of buying a ticket, taking a seat, expecting a ride.

Instead of a ride, they got an extended wait in an uncomfortable seat and were, for a time, prevented by their own embarrassment or ego (pride, you know) to leave. And the longer they sat there, the more angry many became and — boing-O — they started turning to their Right and cursing at the other guy.

It’s that cursing method most of us on the political Right were familiar with from the Left that burned nearly everywhere on the internet, and in media otherwise, before Obama won the election after his bows before the giant-white-columns on the Democrats’ stage.

November 2 elections happened — the curtain came down on the bad play — and no sooner than a moment later, that same cursing gunk has become again, the Left belching acid-moments in their New! Language! of victimization-posing hatefulness, blaming of former President Bush, and recently, the gloomy-doomy guy-O loitering on the White House stage reading his lines even when he can’t read the teleprompter, the script in plain sight and the internet warping with the wrong temperature from the Left’s enthusiasm of it all and him.

It’s as if the Left lacks any ability to properly digest results and other aspects of reality and their New! Language! Entertainment! just flopped. It flopped because it wasn’t funny, it wasn’t worthwhile, the audience by high majority didn’t like it, the guy-O on the stage and hate-belching Leftwingers in the audience were just not nice. And entertainment was not what the rest of us were eager for nor are now.  It wasn’t entertainment that we wanted or expected, neither asked for nor hoped for but the Left has deployed such a premise as product like a distraction method to keep all eyes off their script.

The media, the entirely unprofessional-professional Journolisters, demonstratively ushered in the Obama win and tossed away many among the American voting public with derogatory gossip, slights, nasties here and there, general steamrolling-via-media of any and all attempts to ask for decent service.  If their “O-Man” New! Language! Change, Be New! campaign to push through this awful time has accomplished one thing and one thing only, it’s been to establish and prove to a point of certainty that Left-dominated — the Left-O media — is a ruin of Leftwing political activism lacking just about anything credible associated with ‘journalism’ as any group and their work could ever be.

Unfortunately, this bad play drags on. From the stage, the curtain continues to be peeked around, picked up, pushed to fluff or taunt — someone’s opening it, closing it, opening it, it’s chaos.

About that chaos, I get my share of Leftwinger-belching in email and on twitter, as do most people on the Right. I used to experience persistent belchers commenting on this site until I established user registration with verified email accounts [EDIT, much later replaced with DISQUS commenting], but now the belchers have taken to sending me hate-emails, quite cowardly hate-emails while they continue to exploit twitter for purposes of their hatefulness.

All of that is simply spoilage from unhappy, if not very badly troubled, persons. I would, sincerely I would, feel sorry for them and try to reason with them at some length but experience has shown me that anyone so strangely and unusually negative toward a total stranger is usually much worse toward someone who tries to get to know them. So I try to block, delete, report what I need to and just keep files of the worst.

Let me express as I try to leave the hypothetical theatre that regardless of how much someone tries to be “anonymous,” that they can be, indeed, seen in their seats and identified as senders of flames and other hate-belches. And their belches and bad breath-O — hate emails, hate tweets, bullying websites and other wailing attempts to drag someone to hell — do not engender or encourage anyone — not me, specifically — to lean their way and offer a word or a smile like-mint-to-ugly-O.

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