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Associated Press (“AP”) writer, Nancy Benac, wails that John Boehner is “weepy” while Ms. Benac lauds Nancy Pelosi for her “steely” quality. This is what is written by a source unable to decent, genuine human emotions from decent human beings — Boehner, in this case — while such source cheers a person who is inflexible, inconsiderate, unable to reason a full set of circumstances and unwilling to do so — Nancy Pelosi, in that case.

Referring to Pelosi as “steely” is missing the depravity involved of Pelosi’s inflexibility and determined to remain set on one course and one course only: her own, private course, all else be damned. It’s one thing to be correct on any issue but it’s not honorable — nor is it leadership — to be unable to alter the perspective at the cost of excluding any other considerations. Pelosi’s “steely” quality just may be mental illness, what with the practical results that show from her “steely” inflexibility.

But AP is inexcusable in this ridiculous — and outrageously disgusting — denigration-piece by Ms. Benac of John Boehner.

CAPITAL CULTURE: Got hankies? Next speaker’s weepyPitifully continues).

The creepy Journ-O-Listers continue to ply their evil wordsmithery under various other guises but it’s pitiful that a wire service — AP, in this case — would be so wedged in that ongoing, crusty snarking such as this by Ms. Benac.

John Boehner, a man unafraid to display genuine human emotion realistic to the moment (making his teary moments even more meaningful, their appropriateness), cannot even begin to be held to measure by the deplorable brittleness of Nancy Pelosi who has revealed herself to be as wicked as wicked comes, wicked, manipulative, deceptive, covert — her only moment “verging on” tears, when she lapsed into some sort of wretched lie alluding to civil unrest related to, so she sighed and rolled her eyes, related to “protesters” she associated with depression of Leftwing Surging: in which she labeled “violence” not by the Leftwing perpetrators responsible but lied in her woeful, wicked performance suggesting such violence and times were the responsibility of anyone-not-Left. Pelosi, who has forced-down-the-public’s-craw anything and everything Pelosi could rip-off to add to her “steely” plans, contrary to what the public so much as wanted. Pelosi, flying about the Congress in her weak and wicked ways: a sneak, a smiling, steely sneak, doing wrong and pleasuring from it. Obviously, her manipulative methods have taken her long in life but the rest of us are under no obligation to support those methods, nor her wicked plans; my impression is Pelosi is aware of that which is why she is quite so “steely” in dedication to her covert methods.

In Pelosi’s case, crying about her errors, mistakes and wicked ways would be good for her and certainly good for our nation. Of course, that might be offensive to Ms. Benac, tears appropriate to a correctly reported condition or circumstance, any sincerity of emotion; anything but Leftwing fascism won’t sell according to Benac’s and AP’s vapid lack of quality.

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