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#onenation working together to redistribute your wealth to their organizations…

At least Capitalism offers something for any money asked: the “exchange” process of value-for-value by which individuals earn profits when they’re able and keen, profits that they keep and use at will, thus profiting others.

By comparison, if one can even be made, the “OneNation” union-Communist Party rally of today wants the money and offers no product for purchase, except that you’ll have less money afterward. AND you’ll owe them more. And continue to owe them more. From the signs displayed (HERE), it looks like the Rally also condemns (their spelling, their sign, see it here) “Chri$tianity=Pagan$=Heathen$” to “Burn In Hell”. So in addition to paying more taxes, you get to roast in eternity if you pay any attention to this “OneNation” bunch and have a “$” to your name.

Photo courtesy of “KLSouth from twitter.

Today in Washington, D.C., a depressed crowd managed to be hauled by organizations to D.C. where some from their midst presented depressing speeches about how depressing their message is: being Communist, Socialist, Union members and Democrats and isn’t it depressing because everyone else — that means Americans — owes you something.

About the organizations responsible for the depressing hired-hand rendition today (the “OneNation” rally, named in cute-but-depressing counter-spin to their depressing intents and goals), there is this from AmericanThinker:

…even though the One Nation website says there are over four hundred community agitating groups supporting them, the major players here will be the unions. They’ve got the UAW, the AFL/CIO, AFSCME, and the SEIU all lined up, along with a variety of smaller types and “professional” associations.

Van Jones made his predictably depressing speech about how it is perhaps quite not as depressing as long as there is something “green” about a job but overall, Van Jones offered a condemning — and depressing — world view: “one nation” (or, “one world”) under Communism, Socialism, Unions and with the Democratic Party ready and depressingly available to assist the depressed process as long as it assists the unions with those “green” things at the expense of others (by “others” Van Jones means taxpayers who he reduces to cogs in his servant-master scheme: servant is he/she who pays — or, more appropriately, who serves [“labors“] — and master is the unions and people like himself who profit and glory).

Another depressing point from today’s depressing gathering in D.C. was when the depressed network, NBC (*), tried to sell more depressing distortions about “crowd size” to anyone depressed enough to have remained viewing up to that point: claims were made, as depression tends to claim (the need to hyper-inflate or make grandiose), that their rally (today) brought “a bigger crowd” to D.C. than the Glenn Beck – Sarah Palin – Tea Party “Restoring Honor” Rally did on August 28, 2010, in which many a happy, hopeful, confident and grateful American attended while utterly ignored by the depressed NBC and it’s associated, depressed networks (MSNBC, CNN, CBS, while ABC made a fleeting attempt to at least mention the Rally) — photographs from the 08/28/10 event (from…

Here and

showed many multiples of thousands in attendance with many a more hundred thousand or more supporting the event LIVE on UStream video coverage… but forget that, the networks were too depressed by all that happiness to even mention it.

So today, NBC tried to trump the issue with crowd-size comparisons, utterly overlooking (perhaps, more likely, refusing to acknowledge) that it isn’t crowd-size that’s the thing, it’s the message, overall intent and goals and methods of those participating: being depressed isn’t the ideal except for those participating in today’s Depressing “OneNation” rally.

On 08/28/10, many hundreds of thousands of Americans paid their own way to get to D.C. from all over this nation, paid their own lodging and other expenses for a weekend, compared with today’s 10/02/10 “OneNation” rally which involved many an attendee being “trucked/bussed in” by unions and other associated organizations, generally depressed sitting ducks to peg depressed space.

It’s not even a fair comparison to try to associate one with the other since the entire crowd and crowd behavior (as also messages) are disparate: 08/28/10, Capitalism and freemen functioned optimistically and beneficially while today, 10/02/10, Communism, Socialism, Democrats functioned as the hired-hands seeking other people’s resources, with a message of complaints to depress anyone.

If people have to be hired-on to “attend” a rally, and transported there by their employers, that’s not a good statement about “support” by attendees — it’s merely a statement of resources redirected to pose a false front when the attendees (and rally) are claimed to be some sort of national statement by citizens (as today’s 10/02/10 rally has been alleged to be).

Here’s a photo of those depressed people associated with today’s (10/02/10) depressing group, with their associated, depressing message (photo courtesy of “KLSouth from twitter):


The Other America Marches on Washington
– by By Kyle-Anne Shiver in AmericanThinker, October 01, 2010

Communist Party USA (a co-sponsor of Obama’s rally on the mall today) posts an urgent appeal for warm bodies on Obama’s website
– by Ben Hart, October 2nd, 2010

AP: ‘Sparse’ Crowd of ‘Thousands’ Gathers in DC to Push Dem Agenda
– Associated Press article link-posted by Scott Baker on THEBLAZE, October 02, 2010

This was today’s depressing event, available LIVE on THEBLAZE, don’t know if a video will remain later today…since concluded but the commenting section remains active.

– by Michelle Malkin, October 2, 2010

Earlier this week, I covered the SEIU 1199/Patrick Gaspard ties to the organizers of today’s Left-a-palooza in Washington.

Regular readers are also familiar with many of the “One Nation” organizations’ progressive K Street/DC roots.

Open-borders zealots will be out in full force. No doubt some of the same types of paid, non-English-speaking day laborers who’ve been hired by California Democrats will also be in attendance.

Their creed: One Nation, under government, indebted to Soros, with mortgage payments and social justice for all. (— Continued).

And, another great column from Michelle Malkin:

Big Labor, not Tea Party, is workers’ worst enemy
– by Michelle Malkin, September 29, 2010

My column today sheds light on SEIU Local 1199, which is spearheading this weekend’s disgruntled lefty protest in Washington. As Big Labor’s Tea Party-bashing rhetoric ramps up, it’s time for workers to put the blame for their troubles where it really belongs — on the heads of their own corrupt, profligate bosses. (— Continued).

(*) Reality is a real problem for NBC:

From another twitter user, JasonBWhitman, Here’s a graphic presentation that includes elevated-view photos taken of the same D.C. location (from opposite ends of the Reflecting Pool but of the same expanse of the Pool/Park area) depicting today’s “OneNation” crowd beside a view of the 08/28/10 “Restoring Honor” Rally. Not even a close crowd-size attended the “OneNation” Rally when viewed against the clearly much, much larger crowd-size in attendance at the 08/28/10 Restoring Honor Rally.


View the trashing of the U.S. National Mall area by the “OneNation” mess — including the trashing of the WWII Memorial and the trashing of the Lincoln Memorial.

One Nation Rally Trashes WWII Memorial and Arlington Cemetery’s Memorial Bridge
– Posted by “Kristinn” on FreeRepublic, Saturday, October 2, 2010

Also, from that post, blog Marooned In Marin provides a lot more photos from afoot amidst the mess – who attended, their miserable language, accusations, slurs and other trash dumped upon our nation. ADDED: also more photos from blog, Randy’s Right.

UPDATE 10/03/10:

News the Old Media Won’t Tell You: More Trash at One Sparsely Attended Left Wing Rally Than at All the Tea Parties Around the Country in a Year and a Half
– by Michael Patrick , October 03, 2010

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  1. Kini says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed so much overt Socialism.

    1. -S- says:

      Well, maybe in photos of various Socialist events in Northern CA over at …unfortunately. (One recent example, but has so many more just like this from over the years.)

      In the May Day (“Communist Workers’ Day”) protests, so-called, by LaRaza, Democrats and other organizers of those “immigrant” (so-called) rallies demanding amnesty and stamping-out of the word, “illegal” (I posted some photos a few years ago on this site that showed many a protester in L.A.’s version of those May Day “Immigrant Rights” rallies (so-called), of people carrying the flags of Communist China, North Korea, Iraq, Cuba, pictures of Castro and crazy Hugo Chavez and more, so many more with flags of Mexico. When the protesters were aware of cameras pointed at them, they held up U.S. flags, which they then threw in the gutters and on the ground and stomped on them when they thought the cameras were off (but these events were, indeed, filmed).

      It’s the same crowd and same Socialism that was shown at “OneNation” in D.C., organized by generally the same people (see List of organizers I posted in this article).